My two year old daughter has started going to nursery. For the first few days, Mummy & Daddy have waited nervously at work for the phone call to say ‘Quick, come back, she’s not enjoying it’, but the phone call never came, she loves it! Painting, rolling plasticine and singing are current favourites. – What has this got to do with the business world I hear you ask? Well on day three, she had to go in her pajamas to help fund raise for vital equipment. Not toys, or reading books, just general things such as storage boxes to keep things neat and tidy for the other groups that use the building. This got me thinking, my first thought was I’ll go out and buy some, but of course if I did it for one group, I would receive a mail bag of letters asking me to do the same for everybody else. LRB Trophies already works with the Selby Times backed Selby Hands of Hope and we have a collection tin in the office for Selby Wildlife Rescue. We also sponsor some local sports teams, but should local businesses do more? Some company owners count every single penny they make, while others send millions to national charities. Perhaps the loyal Selby Times readers would like to get in touch via the letters section and let me know what we could do. I’m not saying we can work miracles and magic as times are tough, but we could all head in the right direction.
LRB Trophies has entered into the York Press Business Awards 2013. Fingers crossed we do well! Click on the link below to view our ‘profile’.
  Blog #2 – taken from my Selby Times ‘Business Matters’ Column. Welcome to my weekly column giving you, the Selby Times readers, a insight in the local business world. I’d like to give you the highs and lows I face everyday working in Selby. I have lived and worked in and the around Selby since leaving Brayton High School in 1995. As this is my first dip into the world of ‘writing a weekly column’, I’d like to introduce myself. Born 250 miles away in Dover, Kent. My father’s job with British Coal moved us up to Selby in 1990. I studied for three years at Selby College, and went on to gain my Degree (BA Hons) in product design. I have traveled all over the world including two trips to Australia. Before I started my company I worked for Argos for a total of seven years leaving in 2011 as one of the Duty Managers. I also worked in the motor trade for seven years. During this time I drove all over the UK in almost everything there is to drive. I love music and going to concerts, I also have a huge love for football at both ends of the scale. I help run a local football club and also support a premiership team. My spare time is taken up entertaining my two year old daughter. LRB Trophies is named after her. In future columns I will speak to fellow business people and hopefully highlight what the town has to offer.
  Blog #1 ~ Welcome to the first of many future blogs written by me, Steve Butler, co owner of LRB Trophies. All the views shown in this blog section are my own and not that of LRB Trophies as a company. If you wish to enlighten me or discuss further anything you have read in my blog, please email me at or send me a message via our many social media sites. Our discussions might even create a future blog entry! Please note, Some of my blog’s might come from my weekly ‘Business Matters’ column that are printed in the Selby Times local newspaper. Right then, sit back and let’s move onto Blog #2.