Earlier in the year, LRB Trophies helped by transporting 40+ bikes to meet a Bulgarian bound Lorry. – So if your Stuck for a present this year or Want to do something special this Christmas, Why not send a donation to help an Orphanage in Bulgaria, even if it is a fiver… Go on, feel good this Christmas. Bernadette Leggett can be found via google and facebook.
I’ve finally met one of my business heroes! A few days ago I set my alarm for 4am and travelled down to Birmingham to meet multi millionaire Theo Paphitis. As mentioned in earlier Selby Times & Post columns I won the Small Business Sunday (SBS) prize earlier in the summer and have been looking forward to the trip ever since. Theo had various senior executives from his retail stores on hand to meet and greet us as we arrived and put any nervousness we had at ease. He owns the high street retail stores Rymans, Boux Avenue, Robert Dyas and 50% of Red Letter Days. Some of these had gone into administration when he purchased them, so it was great listening to how they had gone from nothing to high street favourites in just a few years. I introduced myself to the various other winners and we discussed our own businesses and how trade has been slowly improving from the recession. Theo arrived in the room and did a great Question and answer session. We was allowed to ask anything, and many discussions took place about his business and personal background. He showed us the new and improved SBS website and how we are allowed to edit our own profiles and site pages. After lunch we took it in turns to have our photo taken with him. When I won back in July, I sent him a trophy like the one in the photo as a thank you. The first thing he said to me was ‘I’ve got one of those in my office!’ I was quite chuffed he remembered and I asked him to post a photo of it on his twitter page for his 400,000 followers to see. In future columns, I will let you know about the other parts of the prize once the terms and conditions have been agreed.
  Earlier on this summer, I won a ‘re tweet’ from multi millionaire and former Dragons Den panellist Theo Paphitis via his Twitter account. His ‘Small Business Sunday’ competition, shortened to the twitter hash tag, #SBS, is viewed by his 400,000 followers all around the world. Theo is a business hero of mine, so today will be very exciting for me. I will travel down to the ICC centre in Birmingham to meet him in person as part of my competition prize. – I get to have a photo of us together, so I will publish this in a future column. I am currently supporting the Movember charity campaign this month by growing a moustache. Sadly my itchy and unruly tache will also feature in the photo with him! – During the day I will get to meet fellow #SBS winners from around the UK. They come from all sorts of business backgrounds, some work from home part time, while others are multi millionaires themselves. It will be great to network with them and share ideas that I can bring home to Selby and put into place with my own business practices. Theo’s successful high street company Ryman Stationary, will be providing senior executives at the event to give advice and guidance with any business questions we have. – Back in July, our twitter account had hundreds of ‘congratulation’ tweets, so it will be great to meet some of these people. I have also been allowed to create an profile on his website, and we will be given advice on how to use this to create future business contracts. For anyone wishing to donate to my Movemeber fund-raising, please see the details on our facebook page.