Trophy Blog #69 – The new 2014 Formula 1 season is just a few months away and a few of the teams are unveiling their latest designs this week. All the teams are currently over at the Jerez test track in Spain trying out new parts and ideas. New engines, rules and regulation changes have made the design departments start with a fresh piece of paper from their 2013 thoughts and ideas. Each car must now use a new 1.6 litre V6 turbocharged, ‘hybrid’ energy recovery engine. These new engines will hopefully give all the teams a level playing field at the start of the season. Sadly the ‘big money’ teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes, have been working on their plans in their own wind tunnels for many months. They will have a head start on their smaller rivals. The main change that millions of fans will spot in the F1 pitlane, is the ugly ‘anteater’ nosecones on a number of the cars. For many years the design departments created design masterpieces, but the 2014 designs are much more about aerodynamics then looking pleasing to the eye. The aerodynamic designers along the pit lane now have two jobs on their list. The first is creating downforce to help push the car’s tyres down onto the track surface. The other is to improve cornering speeds. The faster the driver can be around a corner, then the faster a lap time will be. The 2014 season starts in Melbourne, Australia on 16th March. Hopefully the action and overtaking will mask the ugly-ness of the new cars. During the year, I will update my blog with news and highlights as the season progresses.    
  “The staff at Wetherells Coffee Lounge would like to thank Janet and the others at LRB Trophies for helping us with our table numbers. Our existing metal stands had lost their numbers and LRB Trophies engraved and infilled them to make them as good as new. This was done efficiently, taking a few at a time and returning them within a couple of days. In fact they are better than the originals as they are standing up to daily use”. – Wetherells Department Store, Selby – January 2014
  Trophy Blog #68 ~ Finally we seem to be heading in the right direction with the towns parking issues. As reported in the Selby Times & Post a few weeks ago, the powers that be have all sat down and discussed the issues. Why it has taken 4 months I do not know, but we seem to have light at the end of the tunnel. I remember in the summer speaking to somebody from out of town (more news on this soon) and they couldn’t believe how many hurdles had been put in the way for the shopper. We need to make Selby the easiest option for people wanting to spend money. The traffic warden seems to have been given a few more guidelines and is now using common sense before issuing the dreaded yellow sticker. My ideas was for town centre traders to display a window sticker in their car or van showing that they are delivering or collecting for business purposes. This will allow them 20 minutes ‘grace’ in the morning and afternoon. I’m sure this columns readers will have some stories to tell and I welcome your views via the SOS Selby facebook group site. Hopefully a little bit of leeway will help the negative comments he has already created. We recently had a new carpet in the LRB Trophies office and he allowed the ‘Selby Carpets’ fitters to park their van outside and do their work for 15 minutes without any issues. I have seen the comments and readers letters about parking laws. Yes, time allowances are the law for a reason, and Yes I agree. I know first hand as my business pays £130 for a parking permit every 3 months.
  Trophy Blog #67 ~ This piece was written for my newspaper column last year >>> Selby has a number of large empty shops currently doing nothing. The old Kwick Save and Do It All stores are boarded up, sat collecting dust. Here’s one idea, while the owners and agents are waiting for the next big name to come along, why not open them up as temporary markets. It already works in other towns around the country. We are, after all a ‘market’ town. We hear of various rumours of famous brands coming into Selby, but nothing has happened yet. I have mentioned this in an earlier column, could we transform empty shops into a temporary home for local traders, gift makers and people dipping their toe in the retail world. Established shop owners could even branch out and test the water with a new idea or division. The Kwick Save store for example, could become an indoor market much like the old ‘In shops’. As the winter weather affects the number of stools on the Monday market, (I recently didn’t see any stalls outside Selby Abbey on a Monday morning during the snow), could the promise of being indoors attract both stall owners and customers alike? Local schools could run one stall each week to give our future businessmen and woman a taste of running a company. A small Cafe could be set up and local charities could have a free stall to promote themselves. You never know, if it is successful ‘In shops II’ could stay.
To help you or your club, we offer a FREE collection & delivery service on all trophy, engraving and presentation requirements in the Goole area – contact us for details. ~ This is what our customers have to say about LRB Trophies: Fast, efficient reliable and cost effective. A high end product with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their minds. Will be using LRB Trophies again – Phil Harvey – ICETEC Training Solutions LRBTrophiesSelby, You were mentioned in a Tweet! @chrisdsteward – Superb service from @LRBTrophies – high quality, well engraved trophy delivered less than 24 hrs after full spec confirmed #impressed Via Twitter: As the #QueenOf day I started during the Jubilee is going from strength to strength I wanted to winners to be able to get something to show they were real Royalty. I met steve through being fellow #SBS winners and after looking through the styles available I chose a fab Diamond Crystal Award. An easy process to translate the design to engraving and I see other things in the pipeline that I’ll need to use LRB Trophies. Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value – Dylan Moore – owner of Aqua Design Group – September 2013 Thanks once again LRB Trophies for your fast and friendly service, when as usual we left things to the last minute! The girls were thrilled with their trophies and they were great value for money. – Hemingbrough Hawks Junior Netball Club Hi Steve, – Excellent job with the trophies, they went down a storm and the guys really appreciated them being engraved ready for the presentation. Many thanks for your help with everything, we’ll be back again next year and hopefully for trophies for at least one if not two more teams. – Kind regards Paul – North Duffield Cricket Club.
Following the success and number of people taking part in the first Theo Paphitis #SBS Caption Competition, I am going to co-ordinate a monthly caption competition going forwards. The #SBS Winner of the previous month will get to choose the photo for the next entry. That winner can also donate a prize and will get some promotion to their product or industry during the competition. The only rule is that the photo has to be Theo Paphitis / #SBS themed. Here are some of the captions for the above photo from competition #2. Lrb Trophies Leisure “The winner will be able to select any one of our titanium rings on the following 2 pages. Most expensive is £49.95. And with a choice of over 40 designs, and finger sizes I to Z+6 I’m sure the winner will be spoilt for choice”. titan jewellery ~ UK’s largest selection of Tungsten Carbide, Zirconia Ceramic and Titanium Wedding Rings. UK ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure “and then they asked me this Question about Pants!!” ~ Cassie Lawrence Theo: “What do you mean this is only half the queue!?!” ~ Joanne Taylor Theo: “You want me to do WHAT with my children’s inheritance?!” ~ Jat Mann Theo: “WTF! What do you mean: ‘My name’s not down – you ain’t coming in’ – it’s my bloody do!” ~ Chris Ellinas Sorry not tonight lads we are full. try down the road. ~ Chris Wheeler “What’s that you say?……and they’ve got a website?”…. ~ Antonia Azoitei “What?! What do you mean I don’t get a goody bag?” ~ Chris Wheeler Yes.. I didn’t know Kato could sing either! ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure …and then Kato went on to win F**king Xfactor!!! ~ John Cahill “Are you telling me the Irish guy drank all the Guinness” ~ Munters Shelton I want M&Ms just the green ones I only drink Brandy so change that optic o and if Mrs P rings IM OUT! >>> Jason Beer: Antonia Azoitei is the winner with: >>>”What?! What do you mean I don’t get a goody bag?”
As part of #SBS networking and building business relations, I started the Theo Paphitis #SBS caption competition just after the #SBS event in November 2013. #SBS winners on the Theo Paphitis #SBS facebook group are invited to write a funny caption underneath an Theo Paphitis / #SBS themed photograph. These are some of the captions the winner submitted: Chris Wheeler #SBS – Just Like That – In the style of Tommy Cooper! ~ Siân Foster Hey Deborah, it’s a dance off, Dragon-style! ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure Mine is: ‘The PANTS are how big?!” ~ Jason Beer How about (the birdy song tune) With a little bit of this and a little bit of that. ~ Jude Robinson “I definitely shouldn’t have eaten those beans for lunch” ~ Peter Kerr You should of seen me last Friday night dancing after a few cheeky drinks ~ Newton Newton Flags “.. and this is how you shall worship me..’ ~ Dave Bradburn “OK orchestra, from the top – the Dragons Den theme tune…” ~ Monica Cove I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the sky…I think about it every night and day….spread my #sbsangel wings and fly away…. ~ Sharon Marshall “This is how tall Kato is, and his how tall Kypro is…so I’m the biggest!” (hands on their heads!) >>> Chris Wheeler * * * * * …And the Winner is….. >>> Jason Beer: “My pitch is for 100k for 5% of the Magical invisible Wing Company”. Congratulations and some great entries – very hard to judge!
Trophy Blog #64 ~ 2014 will hopefully see the start of some massive engineering projects in the Selby area. As long as all the red tape is cleared and all questions and enquiries are answered, we can look forward to three huge projects taking place. The Main one is the new Leisure centre on Scott Road. We have been told that the money is in place and work should start soon. Before Christmas, engineers started work on levelling and surveying the area, so the next stage will be putting the new foundations into place. While I have questioned it’s lack of family and children’s facilities, (No Slides, fun pool etc) I would prefer it to be built rather than having an empty unused space. We have recently seen the old Hovis factory cleared on Barlby Road, again this has halted due to various enquiries, but new retail and homes have been planned for the space. Hopefully this will link to the mystery roundabout on the bypass that dosent do anything. Finally we still have the old Rigid Paper site on Denison Road which has been completely removed of buildings and has plans to become a Marina. When I lived in my old flat overlooking the Selby Locks, I watched hundreds of barges and pleasure craft arriving and stopping off during the summer months. Each one had a family on board ready to spend some money. Selby needs more tourists as they have ‘holiday money’ in their wallets and purses ready to spend. Tourism and giving shoppers what they want is the way forward for the local economy.
Trophy Blog #63 – In July 2013, LRB Trophies won a ‘retweet’ from Theo Paphitis via his twitter account. The Small Business Sunday competition, shortened to the hashtag, #SBS on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. Theo is famous as a former Dragon on the BBC Dragons Den programme. He is Chairman of highstreet retailers Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas, Boux Avenue and owns 50% of Red Letter Days alongside another Dragon, Peter Jones. He also has various investments via the Dragons Den series. He was once the chairman of Millwall FC. Each week Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him via @TheoPaphitis and describe their business in 140 letters including the all-important hashtag #SBS. The tweets to @TheoPaphitis #SBS are reviewed and each week by Theo and he chooses his favourite lucky six. He has over a three hundred thousand followers to showcase the winning tweet. LRB Trophies owner Steve Butler meat Theo in person in November 2013 (see other news stories). – The introduction video below was created by another #SBS winner and came about via networking with the other #SBS Winners.
  Trophy Blog #62 – As the UK faces more cold/wet/dull weather, Here is the piece I did for my newspaper column earlier in 2013. ~ I have just returned from a few days holiday in Majorca, I tried my best to switch off from work mode. From the air hostesses who worked none stop for three hours trying to get us to part with our money to the ‘lucky lucky’ men who asked us a thousand times to buy their high quality merchandise. One of our favourite things to do while sunbathing was watching an old guy who was in charge of the 200+ sunbeds hire fee. He would watch over his patch like a hawk. You could approach the beach from four or five different ways and sneak your towels on, but he spotted you from a hundred yards away and was soon over for the money. He looked like he had been doing it for 50 years. – Selby business owners would love the Spanish attitude to parking, if your car looked like it fitted in a space, then that’s where the car was left. No hassles, no problems. Right outside the shops, right next the beach, We watched one guy reverse into a parked car three times before giving up and getting out. He was happy, so off he went. At other times of the holiday we sat on our fully paid sunbeds and watched multi millionaires arrive in the bay in their huge boats, some of them then got in their smaller boats and came and sat with us normal folk on the beach. (Nobody famous I’m afraid) – even multi millionaire business owners need to switch off now and again to recharge. The day before we flew, I was full of flu and had nearly lost my voice, But I’m now refreshed, slightly tanned, relaxed and ready to take on the next two months before Christmas.