Trophy Blog #75 – I have been writing my column for over a year and have never had a complaint. The newspaper I write in has a letters section and a reader decided they disagreed with my content via a letter sent in to the editor. Sadly it appears they had an extra agenda as they complained about the increase of train tickets and cuts to local bus services. I’m sure you will agree this is something I have no control over. Please have a read of the column I wrote and let me know your thoughts. >>> Selby has had many new houses built recently, and plans are in place for many more to come. As explained in previous ‘trading up’ columns, we have two huge houses projects due to start this year. Some great new houses and flats have already been built on the edge of town next the three lakes retail park. Most of these have been purchased within a few weeks of the building work being completed. Or in some cases plots of land have been purchased and houses made to the buyers exact requirements. This is great news for the housing market and building trade as they all suffered a huge drop in sales recently. Buyers confidence has increase recently and people are spending their pennies again. The new construction work is good news for our retailers and businesses in the area, as footfall will increase in the town center and nearby retail parks. Hopefully new schools, retail units, pubs and restaurants are part of these plans to help ease the pressure off what we already have. Having a busy shop or restaurant is always good for trade, but customers these days will stop going if they have to queue up if it is too busy. This will create local jobs in the area, not only in the construction projects, but also for the new retail premises and businesses we want to expand. The great transport links we have makes the Selby district an huge attraction for people who commute to work. We have direct train links to London and can be on the motorway network within 15 minutes.
  Our Trophy & Engraving Business Partner Steve Butler, has joined the world of guest blogging to promote and help other retailers all over the world. invited Steve via Twitter account to add his thoughts so other people could learn from his day to day experiences. The team at MarketMe first found out about Steve after his Theo Paphitis #SBS win in 2013. They promote the use of Social Media such as Twitter & Facebook. Steve already writes a ‘Trophy Blog’ on the LRB Trophies website (see the home page toolbar), and is also the author of the news section for all of our Trophy & Engraving news. In between serving and delivering to our Trophy customers, He manages to add his weekly newspaper columns to the LRB trophies blog section as well. Why not give them a read and let us know what you think. With customers based all over the world, this is a great way to communicate with everyone online. Underneath each blog page there is a section for comments so please add your feedback so he can learn from your thoughts and ideas.
The success of the fun SBS competition keeps on growing. The #SBS Winner of the previous month will get to choose the photo for the next entry. The previous months winner will also get the chance to showcase a product and get some promotion during the competition. The only rule is that the photo has to be Theo Paphitis / #SBS themed and no rude words. Here are some of the captions for the above photo from competition #3 Prize Donated by Antonia Azoitei : “Hi! The prize is a set of 6 gift tickets to Classical Babies concerts, any venue (we’re in London and Surrey) any of our concert dates. They come with envelopes so you can post them to a friend as a baby-shower/birthday mother’s day gift etc. Worth £60. Please see ” Lrb Trophies Leisure: “That’s it!! If that F**king Wheeler bloke mentions one more time, I’m off!!!’ ~ Jason Beer: Look here Kypros, Ryman will pay for the #SBS event if you want to keep your job! ~ Linda Eastwood: “You’re fired” …. “Oops wrong TV show” ~ Phil Tompson: This is the best ET impression I do ok! If you don’t like it YOU can go home! ~ Amanda Hodges: You put your left arm in… ~ Stevan Taylor: If you don’t sit down & shut up I will feed you to hilary devey. ~ Matt Bellhouse: “……and then they said I had to be this tall to ride the Dodgems….Peter Jones had no problems in that department…but Deborah….well….” Jules Phair: “Oi you at the back, get me a nice cold bottle of bud , there’s a darling” ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure: (from lasts nights Dragons Den) – “Oi you, new boy, – you trying to undercut Peter and Debra on that Taxi App Deal? – your very brave, my son”. >>> Antonia Azoitei >>> “Hi! I chose a winner. It’s Pat Phillips with: “You put your left finger in, your left finger out in out in out shake it all about! Come on #SBS winners join in” I also really liked Phil Tompson with the Invisible Yo-yo and I’d like to give him a runner-up prize of 2 gift tickets.
  Trophy Blog #72 ~ The future of our local power stations have been in the news recently. The three power stations close by are some of our areas biggest employers. I’m sure nearly every reader of this column will have a friend or relative connected somehow to the local power industry. Selby was once a big mining town with thousands of jobs. New villages we’re created or extended when the new coalfield was created over 30 year ago. The Selby to York east coast main line was diverted away from the town because of it. Drax, Eggborough and Ferrybridge power stations all had the 24/7 merry-go-round trains bringing in millions of tons of coal from the local area. My family moved up to Yorkshire from Kent when I was 11 years old when North Selby mine opened, We settled in Brayton and will personally never move back to Kent. Sadly the mines have now all gone. The positive news is that Drax has had millions and millions of pounds invested in it recently to change over to burning Bio Mass. Hopefully Eggborough power station will have the same investment from the government, private or overseas investors. Sadly, it seams that if the vital investment doesn’t arrive, then the site will close. This can not happen as so many jobs and families are involved. So many local businesses are connected to the ‘food chain’ in some way or another. I know the local ‘powers that be’ are working behind the scenes to secure its future. It’s survival is so important for the town and local area and I hope we hear some positive news about it’s future very soon.
  Trophy Blog #71 ~ Unfortunately my attempt to secure a couple of Alan Carr tickets ended in failure last Thursday morning. He is coming to do a gig at Selby Town Hall in February before his main UK tour. Sadly due to being self employed, and customers due in to collect orders, I couldn’t wait outside the town hall in person. For reasons unknown, my x37 phone calls went unanswered and the website crashed as soon as I clicked on it. Flipping around the situation, It is a huge positive for Selby and the team that run the town hall that they can attract somebody of his calibre. Hopefully this will be the start of attracting similar acts. It was a big talking point on the day and gave the town centre a buzz. Hopefully on the day itself, those lucky people in attendance will be able to give everyone some positive news about the show and the venue itself. A few weeks ago the Selby Times and Post featured five pages of future town hall gigs and attractions. All sorts of performances are due to be held this year so this is the place to be seen. We have ourselves in the past supplied the winning trophy to the Battle of the Band winners, so keep a look out for this happening again later in the year. Alan Carr, famous for his ‘Chatty man’ show on prime time TV has over 3 million followers on his twitter account, so keep an eye out for a few tweets that mention Selby to his millions of fans.
To help busy sports clubs and businesses, We offer a FREE collection & delivery service on all Trophy & engraving requirements to all addresses in the Doncaster area. Here’s what our customers have to say about us. >>> Via Twitter: As the #QueenOf day I started during the Jubilee is going from strength to strength I wanted to winners to be able to get something to show they were real Royalty. I met steve through being fellow #SBS winners and after looking through the styles available I chose a fab Diamond Crystal Award. An easy process to translate the design to engraving and I see other things in the pipeline that I’ll need to use LRB Trophies. Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value – Dylan Moore – owner of Aqua Design Group – September 2013 Many thanks to LRB Trophies for their excellent service. They turned around trophies and medals in just over a week and went above and beyond by delivering them to the prize-giving dinner venue. We’ll definitely be back next year. – Peter Milner – Selby Cycling Club. The staff at Wetherells Coffee Lounge would like to thank Janet and the others at LRB Trophies for helping us with our table numbers. Our existing metal stands had lost their numbers and LRB Trophies engraved and infilled then to make them as good as new. This was done efficiently, taking a few at a time and returning them within a couple of days. In fact they are better than the originals as they are standing up to daily use. – Wetherells Department Store, Selby – January 2014
  Trophy Blog #70 ~ Millions of sports fans around the world will tune in tonight for the 2014 Super Bowl. (11pm UK time) The Denver Broncos face The Seattle Seahawks for the title of Super Bowl XLVIII winners. American football is watched by millions of people during the season, but hundreds of millions could watch this one game. The main focus to the build up has been the freezing temperatures it could be played in, as this will be the first final played in a cold weather city. It could drop to -14 at this time of year. For non sports fans, the half time show pulls in even more viewers, and this sometimes over shadows the actual game. This year the headline act will be Bruno Mars. He has sent the music world into a frenzy by publicly inviting the Red Hot Chili Peppers to join him on stage to create one big super band. The MetLife Stadium is in East Rutherford, New Jersey and is the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets. The Denver Broncos are based in Denver, Colorado. They began playing in 1960 as a charter member of the American Football League. The Seattle Seahawks are based in Seattle, Washington and they joined the NFL in 1976 at the same time as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Seahawks are famous for being owned by Paul Allen, one of the co-founders of Microsoft.