"On behalf of Amshire Solutions Ltd I would like to say that the Customer service
provided by Steve at LRB Trophies was second to none.  I ordered our #sbswinnerstrophy at the
beginning of the week and received by the end of it! A fast, friendly and 100% reliable service.  
Steve reminded me what Customer Service used to be like – GOOD!!"
- Chrissie Christian, Amshire Solutions Ltd
Trophy Blog #108 ~ Sadly over the last few weeks it looks like another high street name has been affected. Phones 4U recently went into administration putting over 5,000 jobs at risk throughout the UK. This includes the staff at the Selby branch in Market Cross. I’m sure everyone reading this wishes the local staff good luck in these stressful times. During last week the shutters remained closed in the town centre store with a note on the window explaining what had happened. At the time of writing, lots of work is being done behind the scenes to try and make the core business viable and save some, if not, all of the jobs. At one time the company was one of the biggest mobile retailers in the UK, but the company has recently shrunk in size after networks starting selling themselves in their own stores and more and more deals we’re being done online. Excising Phones 4U customers have taken to social media to complain about being left in the dark about payments and contracts. The administrators have issued contact numbers for advice and help. EE joined Vodafone and O2 in not renewing contracts with the company, so Phones4U couldn’t offer a full range of services it’s customers expected. With over 5000 wages to pay on top of other bills such as rent something needed to be done. John Caudwell, the founder of Phones 4U, blamed the demise of his former company on the “ruthless actions” of mobile phone networks, which of course the networks have denied. He sold the company for over a billion pounds and rumours have been circulating that he could return and pick up the pieces. Fingers crossed for everyone involved.  
"On behalf of all the FittedUK team, I would like to say thank you for sorting the
trophies out for our show. The quality of the trophies was fantastic, along with the
customer service and how quickly they were made. We look forward to working with you
in the future". - Wes, FittedUK
Review / Feedback from Selby Table Tennis Club - End of Season Presentation Trophies.
"It gives me enormous pleasure to give LRB trophies an excellent feedback. All the table tennis 
players were pleased with their trophies. 2014 was the first time we used your company 
- they noticed there was something different this year. You were extremely helpful in helping 
me to come within our budget. - I have recommended our new Trophy Coordinator use LRB Trophies
in 2015. Thank you for a great service.

- Graham, Selby Table Tennis Club - September 2014.
Trophy Blog #107 ~ Darlington based Entrepreneur and multi millionaire, Duncan Bannatyne, is set to quit the BBC Business show Dragons den after the new series has been aired. It starts later this month and was filmed earlier in the year. He is famous for telling it how it is, and isn’t afraid to tell the people standing in front of him about their bad ideas. I once had a bet with him via twitter on how long into the show he would say the word ‘Rubbish’, he guessed correctly, and after convincing me it is edited without his knowledge, I made a donation to his foundation charity.He made his millions from building and running Care homes and then went on to do the same for his successful health club chain. He started his road to success with a single ice cream van and saved up to buy spare pieces of land to build on. He was one of the original ‘Dragon’ business experts when the programme launched in 2005. Having announced his departure via twitter he went on to praise the show, “Dragons Den has promoted entrepreneurship to an entire generation of Britons”. He continues to say that he made a number of investments in the new series and that it is “really is must-see business TV”. The BBC said he inspired many entrepreneurs to come on the show and helped make Dragons Den a huge success around the world. Duncan has invested almost £2 million pounds in a number of different companies while on the show and many of them have gone onto international success.  
swatkins trophiesLRB Trophies are delighted to become an official supplier of the world famous Swatkins Trophies and Awards. The new catalogue can be viewed via the link on our home page. We can also send you a copy in the post (contact our LRB Trophies office for details).The Swatkins family have served the trophy and presentation industry for over a century. Their experience and knowledge has been built on 4 generations, dating back to 1898, giving you the confidence to use a British company that has stood the test of time! The Swatkins Trophy UK factory has also been busy designing new handmade awards, due to very pleasing growth in the past 2 years. Swatkins have increased their ranges of Nickel & Silver plated awards, all of which are still hand made in their purpose built factory in the United Kingdom. Swatkins have also added several new hand chased awards to their Supreme & Ultimate collections, offering the World’s largest selection of high quality handmade awards available from stock. To order, Please get in touch with LRB Trophies via email steve@lrbtrophies.co.uk or ring 01757 290559 / 07535 555 410.
Trophy Blog #106 ~

The people of Scotland will be voting today (18th) in the Scottish Referendum and the outcome of this could affect us all in some way. If the ‘Yes’ voters win it will break up the union created hundreds of years ago in 1707. Scotland on it’s own, currently has an £150 billion pound economy, with over 5 million people living in it. It has a huge oil industry, and also protects us with the main Navy nuclear submarine base. At the time of writing this column, the whole UK is the world’s sixth-largest economy and the second-largest in Europe behind Germany. Our current trillion pound finances give us all low interest rates, a decent economy compared to bankrupt country’s like Greece and Security via the UN and NATO memberships. If we loose a big percentage of the country’s balance sheets, what will have to change? The main ‘Ace Card’ Scotland has is the oil industry. The UK’s various oil platforms are situated off the coast of Aberdeen, but stretches all the way down the North Sea. Depending if the Yes voters win, a new boundary line will be drawn, and who will keep what bits? Closer to our part of the world, Nearby Humberside airport ferries thousands of workers to the various platforms by Helicopter. Businesses will have many questions to ask, will it cost more to post something to Scotland if they are independent? Will it cost more for Scottish produced products and food to be sold in the UK? We will await the outcome and see what happens.

York Trophy Blog #105 ~ This month we celebrated our third year of trading from our current Market Lane office & showroom. Our actual company birthday is in April, but we ran for the first four months from the dining room table as an online only company. Four months later we grew big enough to require our own premises and this is where we are trading from today. Since August 2011, we have served nearly 3000 customers and now have repeat customers all over the UK, Europe, America and further afield. In our three years of trading we have won four awards ourselves, included in one of the prizes is the ongoing work we do with Multi Millionaire Theo Paphitis and his Ryman group. Many new businesses fail to mark the three years of trading mark without going bust. Sadly those who don’t make it have many different reasons for failing to do so. We are very proud to say we are still around and look forward to many more successful years to come. The secret behind this is to give customers what they want, when they want and at a price that keeps them returning year after year. I have been given help and guidance from all sorts of areas, but I had to go out and look hard to find it. Do some homework and research the problem online. Business owners can learn all sorts of tips to help their own business grow and become successful. Local councils and the UK government want businesses to be successful as it creates more jobs and means more money being spent in the local economy. Everyone at LRB Trophies would like to thank all of our local customers for using our services and the many people who have helped our business grow.  
When needing a number of trophies for an event, LRB trophies could not have been
more helpful. My requests were dealt with in an efficient and speedy manner, all of
the items ordered were high quality and competitively priced. The trophies I ordered
were all engraved to an excellent standard, one glass item even etched with our
schools emblem. The trophies were finished and delivered within days, fantastic

Miss E Wadsworth
House Achievement Leader Lotherton
Sherburn High School
10470808_10152731773397718_326380690014028854_n Our Trophy Engraver Andrew has completed the Great North Run! – He has helped raised around £900 for the York based charity York Teaching Hospital CharityHaving returned to the LRB Trophies engraving machine with a few aches and blisters, he is feeling pretty good about his efforts. He finished mid table time – 34,458th out of about 58,000 starters, which is not bad for a first attempt. With a few pledges still to add in, Andrew and his running mate, Thom, will end up raising about £900 for the charity (inc gift aid). Everyone at LRB Trophies is very proud of his efforts and even more proud that he finished the 13 mile course.