In 2013 I won a business award from multi millionaire and high 
street retailer Theo Paphitis, via his Twitter account. His 'Small Business 
Sunday' competition, shortened to the twitter hash tag, #SBS, is viewed by 
his 460000+ followers all around the world. As part of the ongoing prize package, 
I have had many tips and business progression advice provided by Theo and his 
successful high street retail teams. Recently I have been working with his website 
team to improve our own website and internet search ability. 

Our social media accounts have also been used in a new way to attract new 
customers. We are now on the magical page one of the 'engraved trophies' search 
term and I am still working on a few new projects. Another part of the prize 
will be pitching to one of his retail companies in a few weeks time. I have 
been invited to the ICC center in Birmingham to meet his buying team. If they 
think my products are suitable on the day, I get a 'call back' to a longer and 
more 'dragons den' style of pitching at a later date. So Fingers crossed! 
- I have already done this with one of his other companies, - this is still 
in the pipeline, - so it will be slightly less stressful for me as I know what 
to expect from standing in front of his buying team. 

Back in July 2013, our twitter account had hundreds of 'congratulation' tweets 
and comments. Since then I have worked hard in all sorts of 'behind the scenes' 
areas. It is all aimed at progression and improvements. Numerous customers have 
spoken about it while placing orders, I also have an profile on his own website.
Engraved Hipflask

Engraved Hipflask

  Our Engraved Hip Flasks are flying out the Showroom recently! Are we seeing a new Trend starting? These are ideal as gifts or to warm you on a cold winters day. We have had a lot of golfers giving them as presents for corporate events. We have ten different designs to cater for all budgets and requirements. Order yours today via our online store, ringing 01757290559 or texting 07535555410
Trophy Blog #121 – We have some good news for the area. With the UK’s economy slowly increasing in productivity and production, we need progression and expansion to continue in our businesses. We sometimes forget that All of our big businesses use to be ‘small businesses’ at one stage. One such progression news has arrived in Selby. Gabrielle Owen feels the time is right to take on an a established business and at the same time, expand it. She has purchased and taken over Authentco North, formally based on New Street. She has combined and relaunced it to create ‘A Shade Braver’. This new start will be based in a new location on the Vivars Way trading estate. The business will specialise in the special design paint that Authentco use to sell and also ‘up cycling’. The aim of the company is to save pieces of furniture from going into the landfill system. Many design TV shows have taken on the new trend of changing an old unloved piece into a new and fresh look. This can normally be done much cheaper then going out to buy a new product. A Shade Braver will also run classes on how to get the ‘interior design’ look on pieces of furniture that are either unloved or heading for the tip. Also involved in the new project will be Philip, he has his own business ‘Unique’. This side of the new company will specialise in creating furniture and one off designs made from Salvaged wood & glass.
A Shade Braver will opening it's doors to a launch party on Saturday (31st January) and open to visitors and customers from February onwards. I believe all the Selby Times readers will wish them success. 
Review & Feedback from a Pool League based in Padiham, Lancashire: 
"Just received both plaques today, just to say thanks for a brilliant job with the
replica, very very impressed with it. Thanks once again". - David Brown.
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  In previous blog postings, I have written about the Jobs Fair created by Nigel Adams MP. The event took place in October 2014 at Selby College. I was unable to attend myself, but my business partner, Janet took my place and said it was very successful. Over 700 people visited during the day, and hopefully the 500+ jobs will be allocated to some of the visitors very soon. I have volunteered to look at all of the CV’s handed in and write any tips or suggestions to help job seekers get a bit further along the path to employment. If a new or improved CV gets that person to the interview stage then I’ll be happy. Once again, people we’re very surprised that businesses, the local MP, Nigel Adams and his team wanted to help them find employment for free. Some of us have been in their shoes and needed help and guidance at the time. The job centre and Selby college also helped plan the event. Some of the CV’s handed in had seven pages of detailed employment history over the last thirty years, while others we’re fresh out of school and have no employment history at all. Will the reader give these the time of day when they have another forty sat on their desk? I will highlight some changes, and write to them with my suggestions. I hope they take these ideas in a positive way, as I know they have put a lot of time and effort into producing their first version. My tips will include the obvious basics such as adding the correct phone number. How can a requirement manager get you in for an interview without the correct phone number to ring?
We have completed another year and Christmas has arrived. This time of year we reflect on what has happened over the last twelve months and also what the new year brings. Business wise the area has seen some large investment and has more to come. Lots of jobs have been created this month with the Yodel depot taking over the empty warehouse on the bypass near Selby College. Hopefully this will be the first of many good news stories on the jobs front. We also know that the brilliantly named and now, very famous, Selby Leisure Centre will be open in the new year having had millions of pounds spent on rebuilding it. Fingers crossed that the second phrase plans incorporating the skate park and children’s facilities are quickly given the green light, as the leisure centre will not attract families and bored teenagers in it’s current format. The next stage of the Olympia park complex and Marina projects will proceed further in 2015 which again will mean hundreds of new jobs. Changing the subject, a number of people have asked me where has LRB Trophies moved to? The only problem is we haven’t moved… the former sports shop along the road is completely unconnected to us and has a completely different name. It’s hard enough as it is attracting customers without people telling friends and family we have closed. Please tell everyone that we are fully open, and our Market Lane office & showroom is in the same location as when we first started 3 years ago. Everyone at LRB Trophies would like to wish the Selby Times readers a very happy Christmas and have a great 2015!
Our Brand New 2015 Catalogue full of Engraved Trophies is Out Now. It is Packed full of new products and ideas, along with all the popular trophies from previous years. We send our Engraved Trophies all over the UK and around the world. For your FREE copy, please ring 01757290559 / 07535555410 or email: – It can also be viewed online via: