Trophy Blog #121 – We have some good news for the area. With the UK’s economy slowly increasing in productivity and production, we need progression and expansion to continue in our businesses. We sometimes forget that All of our big businesses use to be ‘small businesses’ at one stage. One such progression news has arrived in Selby. Gabrielle Owen feels the time is right to take on an a established business and at the same time, expand it. She has purchased and taken over Authentco North, formally based on New Street. She has combined and relaunced it to create ‘A Shade Braver’. This new start will be based in a new location on the Vivars Way trading estate. The business will specialise in the special design paint that Authentco use to sell and also ‘up cycling’. The aim of the company is to save pieces of furniture from going into the landfill system. Many design TV shows have taken on the new trend of changing an old unloved piece into a new and fresh look. This can normally be done much cheaper then going out to buy a new product. A Shade Braver will also run classes on how to get the ‘interior design’ look on pieces of furniture that are either unloved or heading for the tip. Also involved in the new project will be Philip, he has his own business ‘Unique’. This side of the new company will specialise in creating furniture and one off designs made from Salvaged wood & glass.
A Shade Braver will opening it's doors to a launch party on Saturday (31st January) and open to visitors and customers from February onwards. I believe all the Selby Times readers will wish them success. 

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We are pleased to announce the merger of LRB Trophies with Cameo Engraving in York and The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton.

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