In previous blog postings, I have written about the Jobs Fair created by Nigel Adams MP. The event took place in October 2014 at Selby College. I was unable to attend myself, but my business partner, Janet took my place and said it was very successful. Over 700 people visited during the day, and hopefully the 500+ jobs will be allocated to some of the visitors very soon. I have volunteered to look at all of the CV’s handed in and write any tips or suggestions to help job seekers get a bit further along the path to employment. If a new or improved CV gets that person to the interview stage then I’ll be happy. Once again, people we’re very surprised that businesses, the local MP, Nigel Adams and his team wanted to help them find employment for free. Some of us have been in their shoes and needed help and guidance at the time. The job centre and Selby college also helped plan the event. Some of the CV’s handed in had seven pages of detailed employment history over the last thirty years, while others we’re fresh out of school and have no employment history at all. Will the reader give these the time of day when they have another forty sat on their desk? I will highlight some changes, and write to them with my suggestions. I hope they take these ideas in a positive way, as I know they have put a lot of time and effort into producing their first version. My tips will include the obvious basics such as adding the correct phone number. How can a requirement manager get you in for an interview without the correct phone number to ring?

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