Press Photo In the past few weeks, the national supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has announced plans to open a third store on Hull Road in York. They want to take over the current B&Q store and cater for people living on the east side of York and the nearby surrounding area. They already have a huge store on the Monks Cross Retail Park and another older store near Foss islands closer to the city centre. If you turn right at the A19/A64 interchange, it is the first junction you come to and can be reached from Selby in half an hour on a clear run. It is an easier option for people living in villages on the north side of Selby and in the Tadcaster area. Whilst this doesn’t affect our local businesses and retailers directly, it is another reason for people to take their hard earned spending money out of the town centre. Some consumers are happy to ignore the petrol costs they incur; they prefer the attraction of parking very close to the door. These huge supermarkets have everything under one roof, so is this much more appealing then shopping locally in three or four local high street shops? Supermarkets are cheaper I hear you shout, and yes, saving a few pounds at the till makes sense to everyone, but once all the petrol costs are considered, are they actually saving anything? My ‘Trading up’ columns in the past have explained how local independent retailers and businesses need all the help they can get, So is another major supermarket moving closer to us going to create problems? Sadly I think for some retailers the answer is yes.

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