Empty Shop Problems – Trophy Blog #11

  Blog #11 – Taken from this weeks ‘Business Matters’ Newspaper column: ~ The modern high street has ’empty shop syndrome’. It’s not just Selby, our nearby local hubs in Snaith, Sherburn and Tadcaster have it as well. When I started my company in 2011, one of the first things on my list was to go out and rent a nice shop. ‘This must be easy’ I thought, as at the time Gowthorpe had two or three ready and waiting. We decided that the old Booze Busters shop would be ideal and enquired about it. After many phone calls and countless emails my options became very limited, admittedly we had a very small budget to work with at the time, but I didn’t want to go bust before we even started. Sadly it is still empty today. Many estate agents and owners wanted a huge bond or a never ending contract. Could I have a 3 month trail I asked? The reply was very short. Could I give it a lick of paint for free and see how I get on? I asked, again the answer was negative. If something is done about this, then the high street would be buzzing again. Recently I read a report about our empty shops being turned into homes. I think this could be a positive idea. For a start it will create jobs for builders and decorators. Anything to add the all important ‘footfall’ into the high street is good for jobs and businesses. Thinking forward, while this process is being put into place, small shops and businesses might be helped by these powers into expanding to bigger premises or extending the premises they already have. This will create even more local jobs.

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