Blog #16 – In my line of work I hear many discussions taking place about the number of national brands taking over retail units on our high streets. It can be both positive and negative news for the daily shopper. Bigger retailers have bigger buying power, so they can sell things in bulk for a lower price. They have huge marketing departments to advertise the latest sale or product. On the other hand Independent businesses give a much higher level of customer service as they have more time to give and their business need repeat customers to survive. As a trophy & engraving retailer, my main national rival has a small store near me, which isn’t ideal, but we both do different levels of products, choice and service, we both offer these at different rates. In an ideal world I’d prefer not to have any competition locally, but I know it can be healthy to try and be one step ahead of them. Another view not many people think about is the amount of cash big name brands bring with them. I’ve just looked at a report commissioned by the fast food restaurant McDonalds, a few miles up the road in York. It gives details on how much money it contributes to the city of York every year. The figure they give is over £6 million. The first restaurant opened forty years and they now have four restaurants in and around the city. The four of them together employ almost 400 people. The figure is based on the income and salaries earned by McDonald’s itself, it’s franchisees, the 400 employees, and it’s direct York based suppliers and also their employees. I’m not sure how much the Selby or Goole sites make for the local economy, but I’m sure the figure also has a few zeros on it.

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We are pleased to announce the merger of LRB Trophies with Cameo Engraving in York and The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton.

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