Blog #19. ~ Today’s Blog features another ‘Big 10 Questions’ from a local business owner. These are from Joe, who owns JR Classics based in nearby Askern. Sadly these never made it to print as the newspaper editor at the time asked me to focus my ‘Business Matters’ column into other areas. To make up for not getting his views into print I have added the link to his website: – please take a look to see if he can help you with any car related problem you have. ~ Joe Ratcliffe ~ JR Classics Ltd ~ Owner Q1, One way Selby can be improved easily or cheaply. ~ Presently there is a lack of business / industrial space. More reasonaly priced business units would attract new small businesses to Selby. Q2, If I gave you £100, how would you spend it within your company? ~ Either on equipment or advertising. Q3, If I gave you £1 million to improve Selby, How would you spend it? ~ I would develop more cheap business/industrial space to attract small/new businesses to the area. Q4, Selby’s main tourist attraction? ~ Selby Abbey. Q5, One reason for a shopper to visit Selby. ~ Selbys outdoor market. Q6, How many hours do you work each week? ~ Approx 45 hours. Q7, One reason to be proud of Selby. ~ Selbys history and its countryside/nature. Q8, One thing you would change about Selby? ~ If I could change anything about Selby it would be for there to be more opportunities for people locally. Q9, Will you still be trading in Selby in 5 years time? ~ Probably, yes. Q10, Best way to unwind locally. ~ Getting outdoors, running/walking. Hambleton Hough, Fairburn Ings and the waterways.

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