Business Questions Anwsered – Trophy Blog #42

  Blog #42 ~ Another Q&A with a local business owner ~ Name: Simon Easthill ~ Company: Easthill Computers ~ Position: Owner ~ No. of people working at your company: 1 – Q1, One way Selby can be improved easily or cheaply. Welcome boards on the outskirts of town. Each feeder road would have one indicating forthcoming events in the town. Ie, markets, Town Hall gigs. Make entrances look ‘pretty’ – spruce up the roundabouts with plants etc. FREE PARKING in town to draw people there instead of out of town developments. We have an Amphitheatre which is rarely used/known about. – Q2, If I gave you £100, how would you spend it within your company? Advertising. – Q3, If I gave you £1 million to improve Selby, How would you spend it? We are desperate for a cinema or similar so I would propose the money went into funding for that. Also, I would address answers to question 1. – Q4, Selby’s main tourist attraction? Abbey – Q5, One reason for a shopper to visit Selby? – Sadly our town in my opinion is over run by supermarkets, bookies and ‘cheap’ shops. Due to the current economic climate, businesses are closing or moving out of town to where there is FREE PARKING and a selection of varied shops all next to each other. This includes my company. I guess the market is the main draw for people but again, that seems to be dwindling. – Q6, How many hours do you work each week? 45-60. Q7, One reason to be proud of Selby? I feel generally safe due to low crime! Q8, One thing you would change about Selby? – It’s stigma. A lot of people think of Selby as a ‘lower class’ town and this profile needs to be changed. This needs to be changed again through advertising and boasting about the things we have. Q9, Will you still be trading in Selby in 5 years time? Probably, mortgage to pay! Q10, Best way to unwind locally. A nice steak at Ryther!

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