Blog #46 ~ This Blog continues my 10x Q&A questionnaire from earlier in the year. Name: Tony Flannery Company: TK Engineering Projects Ltd. Position: Director/owner. No. of people working at your company: Just myself, I subcontract everything to other local companies. 1, One way Selby can be improved easily or cheaply. I wouldn’t do anything to improve Selby on the cheap. I would do it properly or not at all. 2, If I gave you £100, how would you spend it within your company? I would improve my IT skills. 3, If I gave you £1 million to improve Selby, How would you spend it? I would provide free car parking and finish the building at the junction of Brook Street and Gowthorpe. 4, Selby’s main tourist attraction? The Abbey (obviously). 5, One reason for a shopper to visit Selby. Good range of shops, but too many charity shops. 6, How many hours do you work each week? 55/60. 7, One reason to be proud of Selby. I have lived here all my life, if I was not proud of it, I would move, Selby is individual and rightly so. 8, One thing you would change about Selby? Provide free car parking. 9, Will you still be trading in Selby in 5 years time? Yes. 10, Best way to unwind locally. For me, Burn Gliding Club.

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We are pleased to announce the merger of LRB Trophies with Cameo Engraving in York and The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton.

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