Press Photo The huge bonuses paid to bankers has again been in the national news. The shocking practice of paying employers millions of pounds when the actual bank has made a loss for the year. Some news stories say that the bankers may have to return their bonuses, but if they have have spent the money, they could be let off. They should be forced to pay back every single penny. I suspect most of them will have spent it. The whole banking system has been under the spotlight after many banks were bailed out by billions of pounds of taxpayers money. The government should not allow these huge bonuses when the taxpayer effectively owns them. These are the same banks that charge huge fees to its everyday customers for going over a few pence overdrawn. The Royal Bank of Scotland has been the most recent bank to award its bankers bonuses despite reporting a loss. They recorded a £8 billion negative figure, but had already set aside over £500 million for staff bonuses in 2013. Out of that sum, over £200 million went to investment bankers. How can they be rewarded for doing such a poor job? In the real world you would loose your job for a poor performance on that scale. A few miles for the London financial headquarters are some of the people highlighted on the recent BBC Sport Relief programme Famous, Rich and Hungary. These people live on a few pounds a day and go without food so their children can eat. Perhaps these bankers should try doing that for a few weeks.

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