"LRB Trophies were great to deal with when organizing our end of season trophies.
Their customer service went beyond what I expected, working to our needs for
meetings and delivery. They were are to advise us on the trophies and had stock on
hand to help with our decision on which to choose". - Liam, Barlby Raiders JFC.
Trophy Blog #111 –

Exporting products produced or designed in the UK is a huge income for companies wanting to expand. But according to a report produced recently, Almost three out of five firms do not export and less than one in ten are thinking about doing so any time soon. This gives us a bigger indication that over half of small to mid-sized businesses questioned for the report are still trading cautiously. Companies like mine would love to have more overseas customers, but where do you start in finding them? Is it worth putting in the hours searching for them when customers on our own door step also need attention. You don’t know until you try it.

Recent news shows that firms are more confident about the improving UK economy, but stepping outside the comfort zone is treated differently. Our News and Social Media Feeds are full of events happening in Europe, America and further afield. It is true that not all businesses can export or expand overseas. So perhaps the report didn’t take this into account. The same reports show a third of businesses are still focusing on reducing their costs and increasing their productivity. Businesses and their owners are aware of the benefits of exporting, such as expanding their customer base. I recently started some free workshops with the UKTI and will be looking to continue working with them in the future. The UKTI is the Governments Trade and Investment section who are actively helping businesses grow overseas. The main aim is for extra cash to arrive in the UK and then in turn, be spent in the UK.

  Trophy Blog #110 –
Mixed news has arrived two years after the High Street Portas project was put in place in 
various locations. "Queen of Shops" celebrity Mary Portas has received positive reviews, 
but at the same time, come under fire after her mission to revive the UK's High Streets. 
Twelve town centres had been chosen, and the government provided £1.2m in funding. 
A local group of business men and women applied on behalf of Selby at the time, but 
we're unsuccessful in the main funding. However £10,000 was issued to the Selby enterprise 
to help with a future project. This is still in the planning stage and more news will be 
issued via the Selby Times once announced. The whole project was filmed and aired on TV 
two years ago. During the programmes, Mary issued some basic recommendations to each 
location such as a reduction in business rates and free local parking, but these we're 
ignored by the councils. The money helped finance five retail outlets in Wolverhampton. 
Three of them have been a success, one has diversified, and the fifth went bust. Four out 
of five is a good success rate as the economy was in a nose dive at the time, but people 
will focus on the negatives of the 5th business folding. Chairman of the Government's 
Business Select Committee, Adrian Bailey, has been critical of the scheme: "You will not 
change the basic problems of the High Street just by putting in these sort of pilots”. 
However Penny Maudaunt, the High Streets Minister, says the scheme has been successful. 
"There has been a huge amount of really good work and ideas come out of the project, 
some ideas may not have worked so well, what we have to do now is replicate the positives 
in other High Streets."
  Trophy Blog #108 ~ Sadly over the last few weeks it looks like another high street name has been affected. Phones 4U recently went into administration putting over 5,000 jobs at risk throughout the UK. This includes the staff at the Selby branch in Market Cross. I’m sure everyone reading this wishes the local staff good luck in these stressful times. During last week the shutters remained closed in the town centre store with a note on the window explaining what had happened. At the time of writing, lots of work is being done behind the scenes to try and make the core business viable and save some, if not, all of the jobs. At one time the company was one of the biggest mobile retailers in the UK, but the company has recently shrunk in size after networks starting selling themselves in their own stores and more and more deals we’re being done online. Excising Phones 4U customers have taken to social media to complain about being left in the dark about payments and contracts. The administrators have issued contact numbers for advice and help. EE joined Vodafone and O2 in not renewing contracts with the company, so Phones4U couldn’t offer a full range of services it’s customers expected. With over 5000 wages to pay on top of other bills such as rent something needed to be done. John Caudwell, the founder of Phones 4U, blamed the demise of his former company on the “ruthless actions” of mobile phone networks, which of course the networks have denied. He sold the company for over a billion pounds and rumours have been circulating that he could return and pick up the pieces. Fingers crossed for everyone involved.   SHS
When needing a number of trophies for an event, LRB trophies could not have been
more helpful. My requests were dealt with in an efficient and speedy manner, all of
the items ordered were high quality and competitively priced. The trophies I ordered
were all engraved to an excellent standard, one glass item even etched with our
schools emblem. The trophies were finished and delivered within days, fantastic

Miss E Wadsworth
House Achievement Leader Lotherton
Sherburn High School
Earlier in the year, LRB Trophies helped by transporting 40+ bikes to meet a Bulgarian bound Lorry. – So if your Stuck for a present this year or Want to do something special this Christmas, Why not send a donation to help an Orphanage in Bulgaria, even if it is a fiver… Go on, feel good this Christmas. Bernadette Leggett can be found via google and facebook.