We are pleased to announce the merger of LRB Trophies with Cameo Engraving in York and The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton. We’ll be moving production over to our York workshop very soon and LRB Trophies’ customers will be able to benefit from their wealth of experience in the Trophies and Engraving business. You’ll be able to visit either showroom to discuss your requirements and view their extensive range of trophies, or take advantage of the huge choice on their online shops www.trophiesplus.co.uk and www.time4crystal.com. Customers can collect in store or have their orders delivered to the door. They are specialists in engraving anything from an annual shield or cup to brass or stainless steel plaques. Also glass engraving and jewellery engraving on the premises. You can be sure of competitive prices and great service, please give us a call or email sales@cameo-engraving.co.uk if any queries. 30 Holgate Road, York YO24 4AB Tel: 01904 612788 and 30 Commercial St, Norton, Malton YO17 9ES Tel: 01653 691535
Community House in Selby held an event on the 12th June to highlight the ‘Disability Confident campaign’. This is promoted all over the UK by Justin Tomlinson, who is the UK’s Minister for Disabled People. Disabled people make a huge contribution to our national economy both as customers and as employees. Our newly elected MP for this area, Nigel Adams and his team has organised this event to help businesses and recruitment managers find out how disabled people can make a greater contribution. All local business leaders and management teams are welcome to attend the free event. The UK’s 12 million disabled people have a combined household spend of £212 billion every year. They also have major skills, valuable education and knowledge which is sometimes overlooked when looking through piles of CV’s. Help is available nation wide to adapt buildings and equipment to accommodate a disabled workforce. Looking at the bigger picture, disabled people are a significant proportion of the available employees in the UK. The event runs for 2 hours and includes networking amongst those in attendance and refreshments. Various presentations and one to one fact finding discussions can take place. For more information and further details please call the Tadcaster office on 01937 838088. A report published recently shows that Asia has overtaken Europe as the world’s second richest region. The Asia Pacific, which excludes Japan, held £30 trillion in private wealth. The number of millionaires also rose drastically in China and India. North America remains the world’s richest region with £34 trillion of private money. The report predicts that Asia will take over the number one spot in 2016. If growth continues in that part of the world, Asia is projected to hold 34% of worlds wealth by 2019. Asian companies are buying well known brands across the world and expanding their marketing projects. Some consumers will not know famous English and American brand names are now produced overseas for a fraction on the cost. Supplying items for cheaper means higher profit margins. 4.4 billion people (60% of the world population) currently live in Asia. China and Asia are the largest economy’s in the world and hold a huge spending power over other countries. They also hold the record for the world’s longest continuous economic booms, starting with the Japanese (1950 – 1990), and China (1978 – 2013). As mentioned in previous columns, Selby is a very famous location in Asia as the abbey was the wedding location for a very famous Asian singer. Overall, global wealth grew by 12% last year to £100trillion, lifted by positive gains in the stock and bond markets. ‘Old world’ regions remained in the single digits, but ‘new world technology’ led by Western Europe, North America, and Japan created the highest gains. This is the time of the year when school leavers decide on their next stage in life. Some will go onto college, some will travel the world, while others will look for employment. As part of the process of leaving, Year 11 students are given advice and guidance on having a great CV to hand into businesses. Having looked at hundreds on CV’s in the past, and then deciding on who to ring up, my advice is to keep it simple. Include the correct contact details such as your current mobile number, make sure your date of birth is shown, then we can work out how old you are and new working rules means the company has to check you have a right to work in the UK. It should be typed and presented correctly, handwritten CV’s are a complete non starter. Keep it to one or two A4 pages, you can expand into further details during the interview conversation. Don’t lie, you will be found out and easily dismissed because of this. Most importantly, be prepared to answer an unknown number. If you don’t, the recruitment manager might just move onto the next person. First impressions are very important if you make it to the interview stage. Time keeping is a must, arrive 10/15 minutes early. Be confident and think of it as having a conversation with somebody on the bus. The person sat on the other side of the desk once had their first interview, so they know how you feel. Dressing smart and looking neat and tidy is a must. I’ve mentioned this before, but it is one of my favourite stories, I once waited for over an hour for someone to show up for a interview, I found out afterwards that they went to the wrong store in a completely different town! Six of the world’s biggest banks have been fined £3.6 billion between them for manipulating the foreign currency exchange market. JP Morgan, Barclays, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland & UBS will all plead guilty to charges made against them. Barclays was fined the most as it did not help the investigations team. Eight employees from Barclays involved in the scheme have now been sacked. A sixth bank, Bank of America, had a smaller fine as it was not a major player in the scheme. The investigation found that between 2008 and 2012, several traders formed a on line chat room to manipulate prices in their favour. A few seconds before the days price was announced, one of the traders withdrew his stake, The other traders knew this was going to happen so they planned ahead to make more money. Violence and threatening demands we’re made during the four years worth of messages. One trader was told to ‘sleep with one eye open’ if he messed up a major deal. Unsuspecting members of the public and financial businesses would be buying their currency at an artificial price. This has been a game changer in the banking world as they finally admitted guilt. The financial district has been dragged through the mud in previous years with under hand dealing and working together to get a better price for themselves. Normally the banks have settled previous investigations out of court without an admission of guilt, but with a bigger fine.

Earlier this week local businesses and support groups held their 2nd Selby Enterprise Day. The event took place on Monday at the Selby District council offices. It was attended by many people and around 30 different businesses, Support groups and networking associations who gave tips to new and old business owners. Heidi Green, from Business Support York and North Yorkshire set up the annual event and was delighted by the attendance and the amount of eagerness between owners to help each other. People at both ends of the business scale attended, Some people have been trading for decades, while we also had brand new start up ideas looking for guidance. If you are thinking of starting up a brand new business of any size, or expanding your current business, help and support is available if you look for it. Everybody involved in the Enterprise day started from new at some point. The hashtag #EnterpriseDay was used via twitter to give updates. The social media hashtag was being used to guide people to the correct location, who then could help. Three workshops took place involving local business coaches giving talks on Social Media, ‘Not giving away too much Profit’ and ‘Networking Groups’.

As mentioned before in this column, Heidi also arranges monthly ‘Enterprise Cafe’ events each month, these are on a smaller scale to the main yearly event, but still welcomes 40 to 50 people each time. They are now held in Community House on Portholme Road. In the wonderful world of business, It is not very often that you have the words ‘free’ and ‘help’ in the same sentence, so this is very valuable.
For all those thinking about starting up in business this year, some help and guidance is 
available in our area very soon. This is part of a national programme that has been running since April 2012. The 
service is hoping to continue until at least March 2017. The advice and programme is funded by the governments 
'Department for Business, Innovation and Skills' and is aimed at those who are currently in the Small and Medium 
Enterprises (SME's) sized category. This project also includes new Start up businesses across England. The 
Growth Accelerator programme is now part of the 'Business Growth Service', again, a Government backed UK 
service offering support to businesses who have the potential to improve and grow. If you have already built a 
successful company and your ready for the next stage of the project, why not attend the event and see what 
happens. Lots of fresh ideas are available for you to use in your own project or expansion programme. 
We need to remember all the big multi million pound businesses in our city centres once started out as a small 
business at one point in the past. Also part of the event is having the chance to meet and network with other 
liked-minded businesses. They maybe in a similar position and have experiences to share. Access is also 
available for up to £2,000 in match funding for senior managers to hone their leadership and management skills. 
For those who are interested or require further details, the Selby contact is Carl Wolf who can be contacted 
on 0113 3854616 or 07841 903 088.
The Pound Coin as we know it, is set to change design and shape by 2017. Over 6000 people designed and suggested ideas for the new look coin. The winner, 15 year old David Pearce is from Wales. He’s drawing will feature on the new currency coin and it will go on general circulation in a few years time. He was told the news he had won by the Governments Councillor George Osborne, in person. The new coin will be the most secure coin anywhere in the world to stop counterfeiting. George Osborne said: “The competition captured the imagination of thousands of people and David’s winning design will be recognised by millions of people from around the world in the years ahead”. The winning drawing shows the UK’s national emblems – a rose for England, a leek for Wales, a thistle for Scotland and a shamrock for Northern Ireland. The other side will feature the Queen as normal. All four emblems are emerging from a Royal Coronet. Renowned coin artist David Lawrence and lettering expert Stephen Raw slightly tweaked David’s design to meet the Royal Mints specifications. The £1 coin is being replaced for the first time in more than 30 years because of its vulnerability to counterfeiters. The main point everyone will notice straight away is it’s shape. It will have 12 sides and remind people of the old three pence coin from decades ago. Machines around the UK will need altering to accept both the new and old coin, as the old coin will be in circulation at the same time until the banks slowly reduce its availability. It will be made by bi-metallic construction and feature the Royal Mint’s new state-of-the-art, and secret, anti counterfeiting technology.  

Small businesses are showing off their products and skills on Monday 29th June for the latest ‘Selby Enterprise Day’. The annual event is taking place at the Selby District council offices on Doncaster Road. It is on for most of the day between 10.00am and 3.00pm and is a free event to attend. Anyone can visit and many different topics, help and guidance will be available. There will be around 30 different businesses, support groups and associations available to chat with and network. Heidi Green from Business Support York and North Yorkshire has arranged the event as part of her enterprise cafe events. You may have just started or wish to increase your production. The great thing about this event is that you can come along for the whole day or just for a quick half hour to look around. In the wonderful world of business, It is not very often that you hear the words ‘free’ and ‘help’ in the same sentence, so this could be the time for you to visit. Increasing your scale or gaining research or feedback from your customers is vital if you want to be successful. All big businesses started out in life as a small business. We will have our own stand so please feel free to come over and say hello. If you are unable to attend, the enterprise cafe events take place every month and cater for all topics in business.

New technology has gained momentum in our high streets. Some Blog readers may already use it, while others are not aware of it. Have you spotted a ‘contactless’ card reader in your favourite shop? The technology and card readers have been around since 2007, but mainly in our big cities. It works in a similar way to having a Oyster card on the London underground, swipe at the beginning and end of your journey and thats it. however contactless card readers are linked directly to your bank account rather than adding credit to an Oyster card. If you use it already, you will be interested to know that the spending limit is to be increased to £30 later this year. The current limit is £20. Over £2 billion was spent on 300 million transactions using the technology in 2014. People using the transport networks in London, Leeds and Cambridge are the trend setters. 1 in 10 journeys in these cities are paid for using this process. The technology allows customers to make payments just by briefly touching the card on a reader, and that’s it. There is no need to enter a PIN or wait for a printed receipt. Consumers are switching away from carrying cash. Having to go to a cash machine to get a note out, buying a coffee or birthday card, then jumping on a train normally results in a pocket full of change. People are more careful with every penny these days so paying the exact amount is a winner. Several cities, including Manchester, plan to introduce contactless payments at a grand scale in the near future.