Trophy Blog #109 – Did you know that some small sized businesses are entitled to extra help from the council? Some businesses in the area are entitled to hundreds of pounds worth of help per financial year. (for up to 2 years) starting from this month. This is a UK government incentive introduced recently to support businesses and enterprises. The government wants all businesses to grow as it helps with the economy, job growth and possible export overseas. Once again, it appears that most of us are unaware of the help available to them. I’ve recently spoken to somebody who works in this sector, they tell me that different things are happening all over the UK. Some councils are implementing the reductions without being requested, some are advertising the incentive in there local press, while our own local council have included a small section about it in the recent Rates letters they sent out. Did you see it? It’s buried in the small print so why not dig your letter out and look into it further. The person I spoke to says that councils will not be financially penalised as the funds are underwritten by the central government in London. Sadly I have heard of another three shops closing including the Jack Fulton freezer shop. I’m told this is only a local closure and the rest of the national chain remains open as normal. I’m unsure whether these closures are linked to the amount of monthly cash flow they had, but every penny helps. I hope this information will help somebody reading this. Sadly, landlords who own buildings on the high street are more and more likely to let charitable businesses take up their empty property. Charities are largely exempt from the Business Rates and other bills normal retailers have to pay.


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