Trophy Blog #94 ~ Earlier this month, the government announced a number of new ideas to help businesses in the Queen’s Speech. New proposals are being put into place to make it easier for small businesses to access finance and remove red tape and paperwork. Zero hour contracts and national minimum wage abusers are also being tackled to help those in employment. Recently a list of fifteen companies was published to say who had been under paying their staff. Hopefully the embarrassment will make them play by the rules. Less money in their staff pockets means less money in the economy. The new employment bill will put forward proposals to give small business owners fairer access to compete for £230bn worth of yearly public contracts. Larger companies have marketing departments who’s sole purpose is to win these contracts. Smaller business having a level playing field will increase the fairness all round. The new laws will also include new measures to ensure larger companies pay small business owners promptly for work they do for them. This helps vital cash flow. Having money in the bank keeps businesses alive. The Prime Minister quoted before the speech: “Countries rise when their people rise. So this Queen’s Speech is unashamedly pro-work, pro-business and pro-aspiration.” The measures are designed to increase the economic positives we have seen recently. At the moment, growing businesses like ourselves rely on cash flow. We rely on customers paying on time to pay our own wages, staff wages and their never ending bills. The normal 30 day period sometimes gets abused by larger companies, and some smaller companies dare not complain in case they loose future work. 

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