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We are pleased to announce the merger of LRB Trophies with Cameo Engraving in York and The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton.


  1. Dom Hodgson

    Hi Steve

    Just reading through a number of your blogs, stretching back to some of your originals and it was nice to get a bit of history about you, where you come from and why you started the business. Also even though I’m quite far its good o se how you cover local business news in your blog too. Anyway I chose to comment on this recommendation (one of many you have) and just say well done and keep up the good work!!


  2. Dom Hodgson

    Also have you blogged about your hobbie of helping run Cliffe FC? If so where is it? If not do one I would like to read please :)


  3. Steve Butler

    Hi Dom, Thank you for the comment – My Cliffe FC work is mentioned in various posts over the years as we sponsor two of their teams. I will write a full post about my hobby very soon.

  4. Steve Butler

    Thank you Dom, – I try and cover every aspect of business life, local, national and worldwide issues. Also, positive news stories.

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