Trophy Blog #101 ~ In 2014, we have sadly seen two plane incidents belonging to the same airline. The lost of any life if very sad and our thoughts are with their family and friends left behind. As it stands at this moment in time, Malaysia Airlines didn’t do anything wrong, but it looks like they could be badly affected business wise. No cash flow inwards means going bust or seeking major investment. They still have wages to pay and routes to fly, but with less fare paying passengers. They have announced that they are to refund passengers who no longer wish to travel with them. Both MH370 & MH17 we’re standard, every day flights, travelling to cities we have all heard of. If you was about to travel long distance, would you fly with them? I’ve been to Australia twice, and would have used that flight path over the Ukraine. The MH17 crash happened while I was on holiday, the last thing I wanted to do while watching the news was to get on a plane, but two days later we landed at Leeds Bradford safe and sound. The second leg of the MH17 journey would have been onto Australia or New Zealand. People will be changing plans and using a rival airline.            

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