In 2013 I won a business award from multi millionaire and high 
street retailer Theo Paphitis, via his Twitter account. His 'Small Business 
Sunday' competition, shortened to the twitter hash tag, #SBS, is viewed by 
his 460000+ followers all around the world. As part of the ongoing prize package, 
I have had many tips and business progression advice provided by Theo and his 
successful high street retail teams. Recently I have been working with his website 
team to improve our own website and internet search ability. 

Our social media accounts have also been used in a new way to attract new 
customers. We are now on the magical page one of the 'engraved trophies' search 
term and I am still working on a few new projects. Another part of the prize 
will be pitching to one of his retail companies in a few weeks time. I have 
been invited to the ICC center in Birmingham to meet his buying team. If they 
think my products are suitable on the day, I get a 'call back' to a longer and 
more 'dragons den' style of pitching at a later date. So Fingers crossed! 
- I have already done this with one of his other companies, - this is still 
in the pipeline, - so it will be slightly less stressful for me as I know what 
to expect from standing in front of his buying team. 

Back in July 2013, our twitter account had hundreds of 'congratulation' tweets 
and comments. Since then I have worked hard in all sorts of 'behind the scenes' 
areas. It is all aimed at progression and improvements. Numerous customers have 
spoken about it while placing orders, I also have an profile on his own website.

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We are pleased to announce the merger of LRB Trophies with Cameo Engraving in York and The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton.

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