– Trophy Blog #58 – From my newspaper column – Over the last few weeks I have been involved in various discussions via the facebook group ‘SOS Selby’ about the state and attractiveness of our shops and businesses in the town centre. One positive highlight is the new Home Bargains superstore has now opened. A lot of jobs have been created and effort has been put into tidying up the surrounding car park. Recent reports in the Selby Times & Post, show that it attracted many people on it’s opening weekend. Closer to the town centre we had the sad news about two shops closing down. Hopefully, the Good 2 Go shop will be sold ‘as is’ and reopen as a similar style takeaway / sandwich shop – which is great news for my healthy lunches! Also, the word on the street is the Select clothes shop is hopefully being helped into relocating somewhere else. We are very lucky that we have only a few empty shops compared to other town centres in the country. We only have five or six prime located shops sat ready on Gowthorpe for the next business owner to move into. My idea is for the ‘powers that be’ to use a tiny part of the £9 MILLION leisure centre budget, to tidy up the sad looking shops. If you was moving house, you’d give it a lick of paint to attract future owners, so why not do it to the shops? If the landlords and owners do not want to play ball then perhaps the council could make it happen. The section that fined the Anchor Inn land owners for not doing anything to the eyesore near Burn, could be tasked with tidying up the high street. Shops could be spruced up, and be ready for people such as Select to move straight into in time for Peak trading at Christmas.

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