Trophy Blog #49 – Last weekend all sorts of venues, shops and businesses grouped together to host the first ever Selby Fest event. It was superbly advertised in advance and the ladies giving out the maps had great enthusiasm. The market place was transformed into lots of colour and laughter, while other town centre locations welcomed concerts, activities and craft group demonstrations. I had a wonder round the town centre on the Saturday morning and spotted all sorts of age groups getting involved. A double decker bus was parked outside the abbey, ready for a spray painter to create some colourful Art. Other highlights included a superb singer, doing a set from a first floor shop window and some children had persuaded mummy and daddy to join in learning to play the drums. Unfortunately it wasn’t all good news. At the same time as Selby Fest, Millgate was closed for emergency repairs yet again, this created traffic chaos on all the town centre roads. A special mention and thank you needs to be given to the Bus station manager who was stood in Park Street directing traffic and trying his best to get everyone moving again. He even stopped two buses so I could get across in my car. Could our favourite Traffic Warden have jumped in and have done the same to help?? The only good news for the stressed motorist was the people of SelbyFest putting on a show for motorists sat in the traffic. I turned off the radio, wound down the window and listened. We must try and attract similar events in the town centre again and hopefully the roads will be flowing normally next time.

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