Trophy Blog #60 ~ A very warm welcome to Coe & Co who have opened up on Gowthorpe in the old Clinton card shop. The company already have a successful branch in Scunthorpe, so it’s great that they feel positive about starting up in Selby. Also it shows that the national economy is growing more positively to give them the confidence to start up another branch. Having walked past a few times, they have the award for the brightest shop on the high street. Lots of shiny things to capture the shoppers eye as they cross at the crossing. The owners have spent a lot of money refitting and redecorating a once tired looking shop. Anything that gives Gowthorpe an extra buzz is very welcome for us local traders. We always welcome ‘something new’ in the area as it brings in extra footfall, who then are able to nip in the other shops as they are already in town. In other news the Osborne House Residential home is ready to open, I drive past it every day and have seen the progress from start to finish. It has created many local jobs and will attract the residents visiting families into the area. I remember speaking to their recruitment team at the Jobs Fair back in October. They wanted to have as many local based employees as possible and I see most of the jobs came as a direct result of the Jobs Fair. A handful of the owners of the CV’s I revamped had some careering experience so hopefully they might be starting their new job soon.

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