Trophy Blog #64 ~ 2014 will hopefully see the start of some massive engineering projects in the Selby area. As long as all the red tape is cleared and all questions and enquiries are answered, we can look forward to three huge projects taking place. The Main one is the new Leisure centre on Scott Road. We have been told that the money is in place and work should start soon. Before Christmas, engineers started work on levelling and surveying the area, so the next stage will be putting the new foundations into place. While I have questioned it’s lack of family and children’s facilities, (No Slides, fun pool etc) I would prefer it to be built rather than having an empty unused space. We have recently seen the old Hovis factory cleared on Barlby Road, again this has halted due to various enquiries, but new retail and homes have been planned for the space. Hopefully this will link to the mystery roundabout on the bypass that dosent do anything. Finally we still have the old Rigid Paper site on Denison Road which has been completely removed of buildings and has plans to become a Marina. When I lived in my old flat overlooking the Selby Locks, I watched hundreds of barges and pleasure craft arriving and stopping off during the summer months. Each one had a family on board ready to spend some money. Selby needs more tourists as they have ‘holiday money’ in their wallets and purses ready to spend. Tourism and giving shoppers what they want is the way forward for the local economy.

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