Trophy Blog #68 ~ Finally we seem to be heading in the right direction with the towns parking issues. As reported in the Selby Times & Post a few weeks ago, the powers that be have all sat down and discussed the issues. Why it has taken 4 months I do not know, but we seem to have light at the end of the tunnel. I remember in the summer speaking to somebody from out of town (more news on this soon) and they couldn’t believe how many hurdles had been put in the way for the shopper. We need to make Selby the easiest option for people wanting to spend money. The traffic warden seems to have been given a few more guidelines and is now using common sense before issuing the dreaded yellow sticker. My ideas was for town centre traders to display a window sticker in their car or van showing that they are delivering or collecting for business purposes. This will allow them 20 minutes ‘grace’ in the morning and afternoon. I’m sure this columns readers will have some stories to tell and I welcome your views via the SOS Selby facebook group site. Hopefully a little bit of leeway will help the negative comments he has already created. We recently had a new carpet in the LRB Trophies office and he allowed the ‘Selby Carpets’ fitters to park their van outside and do their work for 15 minutes without any issues. I have seen the comments and readers letters about parking laws. Yes, time allowances are the law for a reason, and Yes I agree. I know first hand as my business pays £130 for a parking permit every 3 months.

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