Trophy Blog #91 – A few months ago, the local Selby facebook group made front page news, some progress has now been made to the future of the ‘SOS Save our Selby. It is a very useful forum for business owners such as myself and I hope we all stay on the right track of promoting Selby businesses, it’s attractions and 99.9% of the great people that live and work in the area. Up until a few weeks ago I was an administrator for the group, I was one of seven people who had the very basic task of adding and welcoming people to the group, general housekeeping and keeping an eye out for spam adverts. We also checked on member’s comments and made sure no one was being abused or insulted by other members of the group. Issues had been resolved by the required person replying with ideas or information in answer to the question. Many stories in the Selby Times and Post have come from the comments and postings made from the 700+ members involved. We even got into communication with somebody at North Yorkshire County Council about the state of the poor repairs on the bypass. Sadly a few weekends ago, a political issue was posted and various heated opinions and tangents started off from it. Everyone is entitled to free speech, but sadly the topic went away from the whole idea of ‘promoting Selby’. At the time of writing this column, the group is now seeking new administrators, Sadly, I’m not going to reapply for the role, I’m self-employed and have wages and bills to pay, I can’t afford to get caught up in any negative or political agendas. I’m just going to sit back and watch from now on.

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