Part 2 – In last weeks ‘Trading up’ column I wrote about how the Budget announcement would affect the retail and business world in the months ahead. Industry leaders have commented that it is the ‘Election’ Budget. The government is beginning its new campaign, so we all knew that a few sweeteners would be placed in it for the voters. Retailers at both ends of the high street have looked into the Corporation Tax changes, Whilst larger profitable companies will be pleased that the reduced corporation rate will be 20% from 2015, could the Chancellor reached out to the millions of start-ups and small businesses across the country and reduced the rate even further to give them an extra boost. Exporting goods and products over seas is a very big area that the government is looking to increase. I’ve started a export project myself, Foreign money being used to buy British made products usually stays in the UK. If sales are successful, these businesses also increase their workforces and premises. This helps the economy even more. It’s good to hear that lending for export finance has doubled to £3 billion in the budget. Extra help is needed for small businesses to find out how to access these new finances. A small business can quickly develop into a big business if the correct steps are taken. It is still widely known that the banks are still not lending to start ups or Small businesses. They are still aiming for the mega money deals. Why wasn’t this issue focused on in the budget? Banks and Bankers bonuses are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This was a great chance to turn those negatives into positives.
Press PhotoTrophy Blog #79 – Part 1 –  In the last few weeks, the Governments Chancellor, George Osborne has announced his budget plans for us all the UK. He says that Small to Medium sized businesses will be helped more, with less paperwork and more financial assistance. Sometimes the money and help is available, we just don’t know how or who to talk too to get it. It doesn’t matter if you are a Blue, Red, Yellow or Green voter, This is a step in the right direction for us all attached to the overall economy. Good news for the people who live and work at the brewers in Tadcaster as the Alcohol escalator is to be scrapped and a Cut of 1p in duty for a pint of beer. Current production levels will hopefully increase with this news. Our national roads will have an extra £200m fund for councils “to bid for” to fix potholes. Hopefully the North Yorkshire County Council will already be applying for this extra money to sort out the dreadful Bypass and Abbots Road road surfaces. An extra 1.5 million new jobs have been forecast in next five years and Support for more than 100,000 new apprenticeships in the UK. Great news for the students who are about to leave school or who are currently studying at our local colleges. High street retail owners have a few reasons to be happy as well, stores will get £1,000 off their current rates, and from 2015, the amount of corporation tax will drop from 21% to 20%. Also the current Business rates discounts will be extended for another three years.