Parking in our town centre has been highlighted again with the Parking Mad TV series currently being shown on the BBC. Depending when you are reading this, Selby’s parking problems are shown in episode 2, which is aired tonight (24th). Will this be the big push required by our council to change things for the better? Fingers crossed. They say they have funds to help businesses, so lets see that money being spent. The camera crew arrived back in July 2013 and filmed some views from shop owners, businesses and Selby residents. We don’t have a problem with the amount of parking spaces or how the lines are painted, it is the amount of money people have to pay to do some shopping or meet a friend for lunch. Also highlighted was the dreaded fines from the ever eager traffic warden. A story in last weeks ‘Selby Times’ showed some residents have received a fine for parking outside their own homes. A few miles up the A19, York city centre council have recently started a free parking offer in its car parks to help with the shoppers missing out the city centre shops and using the new Monks Cross Vanguard shopping complex. This would be the ideal way to make Selby attractive for businesses and shoppers. Something simple like Monday mornings for the market, or the slower trade Tuesday afternoons or even Saturday afternoons could be improved with the knowledge that we have free parking. Once people know about it they would travel in and give the hopefully give the retail parks a miss one day a week.
Trophy Blog #99 ~ In the past few weeks, two retail units have become vacant near my office on market lane in the town centre. Sadly both of these are former independent traders who have been trying to earn a living in the town centre for many, many years. At the time of writing, the reasons for closure are unknown, so I can’t go into why they have closed down. However this gives other businesses in the area an opportunity to expand. They could increase their own opportunities on the high street and progress to the next stage up the ladder. Is this the time to increase his or hers own shop floor space? For some people the economy seems to be slowly picking up so is this the time to do something about it? Moving into these bigger premises could vastly increase your sales area, but at the same time also increase income and all important case flow. Also some businesses could be cleaver and may want to downsize from their current premises. Paying big bills for unused space takes up vital cash flow that could be used on other things. Apart from the busy end of season football presentations in June and July, about half of our own customers buy from us online, so moving from our current location isn’t in our own business plan. Our online customers don’t care if the item comes from a computerised warehouse or from a second floor rented office. As long as it arrives within a reasonable time frame it doesn’t matter to them. I look forward to welcoming new neighbours into these retail units in future ‘Trading up’ columns.  
  Blog #2 – taken from my Selby Times ‘Business Matters’ Column. Welcome to my weekly column giving you, the Selby Times readers, a insight in the local business world. I’d like to give you the highs and lows I face everyday working in Selby. I have lived and worked in and the around Selby since leaving Brayton High School in 1995. As this is my first dip into the world of ‘writing a weekly column’, I’d like to introduce myself. Born 250 miles away in Dover, Kent. My father’s job with British Coal moved us up to Selby in 1990. I studied for three years at Selby College, and went on to gain my Degree (BA Hons) in product design. I have traveled all over the world including two trips to Australia. Before I started my company I worked for Argos for a total of seven years leaving in 2011 as one of the Duty Managers. I also worked in the motor trade for seven years. During this time I drove all over the UK in almost everything there is to drive. I love music and going to concerts, I also have a huge love for football at both ends of the scale. I help run a local football club and also support a premiership team. My spare time is taken up entertaining my two year old daughter. LRB Trophies is named after her. In future columns I will speak to fellow business people and hopefully highlight what the town has to offer.