Trophy Blog #104 ~ In the early part of last year I wrote a column about companies having a responsibility to the area that they operate in. I asked if these companies could do more, and a few people got in contact to say, yes, they could. Retailers, businesses and companies can help in so many ways and almost all of them do something to help. Sometimes they prefer to do it secretly, so you might not know about it. Our own company already works with the Selby Hands of Hope charity; we regularly promote and support the great work they do. We have a collection tin in the office for them and also have one for my fellow column writer, Annette at Selby Wildlife Rescue. If you read the sports pages of the Selby Times and Post you may have spotted we also help some local sports teams. Grass roots sports clubs need every penny they can get as they have so many costs to pay for. Some business owners count every single penny they make in profit, while others spend vast amounts of money on various projects. I am also treasurer at a local football club and help play a part in numerous applications for funding and grants to help improve our facilities. The money is out there, but it takes a lot of paperwork and red tape to get hold of it. The people of Selby and the surrounding area have a lot of money available to them, it just needs somebody to help them get it. Perhaps somebody on one of our many types of council could step forward and take on this role.