Earlier in the year, LRB Trophies helped by transporting 40+ bikes to meet a Bulgarian bound Lorry. – So if your Stuck for a present this year or Want to do something special this Christmas, Why not send a donation to help an Orphanage in Bulgaria, even if it is a fiver… Go on, feel good this Christmas. Bernadette Leggett can be found via google and facebook.
  Blog #25 ~ Lending an Helping Hand. Recently I helped to start a 1800 mile journey for 46 bikes that will be used by Children at an Orphanage in Bulgaria. These bikes we’re purchased, donated, serviced and fixed by a unemployed 50 year old Selby man (who wishes to remain nameless). I spotted an appeal by the charity to help complete their logistical nightmare. The charity had already done the hard work by gaining freight space on a Bulgarian lorry that was due to leave Bradford. All that was needed was a van and a driver to get them from Selby to Bradford. I spoke to my business partner, and we agreed that LRB Trophies would cover the hire van cost, diesel and my time as the driver. The couple who run the charity are based in Peterborough, but they have family and friends based in Selby. The couple regularly visit the Dimcho Debelianov Orphanage in Silstra based in North East Bulgaria and have sorted out a smaller freight company to meet the lorry in the capital city of Sofia. This is something that we all should do once in a while, spare a few hours to help someone. You don’t have to spend money on hiring a van. But you can do your good deed for the day. I’m sure there is a local charity or children’s club near by crying out for that little bit of help. Business owners are use to making quick decisions and spending money to get the job done. For more information on the Orphanage or to make a donation please visit: www.bulgariaorphanagesillistra.com
Huge congratulations to our engraving manager Andrew, who completed the York 10k run in just over an hour. An estimated 6000 runners took part in the 5th ‘Jane Tomlinson Run for All’ event round the streets of York. Andrew has also smashed his £250 fundraising target with £305 collected so far!
LRB Trophies are delighted to be working with the ‘Selby Hands of Hope’ Charity. We will be sponsoring the one off football match each year. Two teams will battle it out for the ‘LRB Trophies Cup’ and raising hundreds of pounds along the way. For more details please visit their website: www.shoh.co.uk