I hope all the ‘Trading up’ readers have had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. Hopefully you all will have enjoyed some time out with family and friends. We need some rest and relaxation in our busy work schedules, but we never really switch off. We all think of new ideas and new directions while sat at home watching Christmas films. Personally, I have a list of things to try and am ready to get behind the office desk to put them into place. It is this time of year when we are allowed to have a ‘fresh start’. It is a great time to rip up the rule book, discard negative ideas or processes and try again. While 2013 was another positive step in the right direction for my own business, some high street names have sadly gone. These include national retailers who have been trading for years. Everyone forgets that these national businesses still have wages and rent to pay. When this is over 200 stores and thousands of staff, the payments are even bigger. Businesses will have noticed the small change in the economy, people are beginning to spend more, or a little extra instead of buying the day to day essentials. Hopefully this will continue. 2014 has a number of exciting things ahead, sports fans will be looking forward to the Football World Cup in Brazil. Sports fans go out and buy a new TV for the home games, while parties and BBQ’s are planned around the matches to hopefully celebrate the win! Everyone at LRB Trophies wishes you all a very happy new year.
Trophy Blog #52 ~ This time of year people are planning their big Christmas day. With lots of planning to do, we start to scribble on bits of paper for who needs what present. We also look at the logistics of getting that present to the correct household in time for the big day. It is that time of the year when family and friends travel into the area from all over the world to meet up and catch up on the years events. Selby needs to have a big ‘welcome’ sign as footfall increases in the town centre. I regularly see people walking around the town centre looking in all the shop windows and building a picture of somebody opening up the carefully wrapped gift. With so many offers and bargains to be had, it is hard to take it all in. Selby has a superb number of gift and craft shops – you just have to look for them. Businesses such as ourselves supply and engrave various silver and Crystal gifts, while places such as Heaven and Home, Mollies Cheese Shop & Herbert Browns have all sorts of other gift ideas. Why not spend a day shopping locally, support small businesses! If you look hard enough you will be surprised how many ‘ticks’ can be put next to your list after a few hours in Selby. Yes, it will take a bit longer then clicking on the basket on your laptop, but we need all the help we can get these days. When you shop locally, you can talk to a real human being who has years of experience and has many suggestions for you to consider.