Trophy Blog #56 ~ The importance of speaking one to one with your customers is starting to become a vital tool again. In recent years we have seen the massive increase of email and social media to communicate between people we want to sell to. It has created a world where customers have so much to choose from, which on one hand is a good thing for those wanting to save a few quid or require an exact requirement. With a few clicks of a button while sat on your sofa, your goods or services can be on your doorstep the very next day. As a company that moves with the times, I can provide this service if that’s what the customer wants. We send our items all over the world via our online eBay shop. The only thing missing from online sales is a professional customer service experience. I’m writing this column while sat in a car park waiting to meet a new client. (I arrived slightly early!) We started off with a few emails back and forth, but to take it to the all inportant ‘sales stage’, I decided the best way to move forward was to actually be sat in the same room with them. Having my products sat on the table in front of us will add to the positiveness. People are starting to want this personal approach to buying something. They want that extra special service again. How many times do you ring up a Helpline and they are based overseas or you have to talk to a computer? What if something has gone wrong? Who do you turn to?