Blog #39 ~ I have spent this week photographing and loading our ‘Occasions’ & ‘Vintage’ products onto our ebay site. We send our trophies and awards to any address in the world, and many of them are the all important ‘repeat customers’. The main appeal of eBay to myself as an business owner is our massive increase in audience. Millions of people have an eBay account. Online shopping is increasing every single day. Shoppers aren’t that bothered anymore if their item comes from Aberdeen or Adelaide. After a long days work, it is so easy to be sat on the sofa, click a few buttons and 3 days later open the front door. The postman has your item for you and you haven’t even left the house. – Why not have a browse in our eBay shop via the link on the main page toolbar. You can pay via paypal or credit card over the phone.