025Lewis Hamilton added another trophy to his collection after racing to victory in the Chinese Grand Prix. This was his third consecutive win for the first time in his formula 1 career. His team-mate Nico Rosberg claimed second, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso joining them on the podium. Hamilton was full of praise for the car and the team behind him. “I just can’t believe how amazing the car is and how hard everyone’s worked,” he said on the podium. “After the start it was just really racing myself. I’m really happy Nico is up here with us. Great points for the team.”

The track is another new Tilke design, which some F1 fans say isn’t very exciting. Proof of this could be shown by nobody even bothering Hamilton from start to finish. When it was completed in 2004, it was the most expensive Formula One circuit facility, costing $240 million. The track features one of the trickiest corners combinations on the Formula One calendar. Turn 1 and 2 are a very demanding 270 degree, right-handed corner combination. The victory was the 25th of Hamilton’s career, pulling him level with former world champion Niki Lauda and the late Jim Clark in the all-time list of winners. In the championship table, Rosberg, the winner of the season-opener in Australia, now has 79 points after four races, with Hamilton on 75 and Alonso third on 41. One of the highlights of the race involved Vettel, Red Bull’s four times world champion was asked to move aside for his faster Australian team mate for the second race in a row. The teams and drivers come back to Europe with the Spanish grand prix in a few weeks time.    
Trophy Blog #69 – The new 2014 Formula 1 season is just a few months away and a few of the teams are unveiling their latest designs this week. All the teams are currently over at the Jerez test track in Spain trying out new parts and ideas. New engines, rules and regulation changes have made the design departments start with a fresh piece of paper from their 2013 thoughts and ideas. Each car must now use a new 1.6 litre V6 turbocharged, ‘hybrid’ energy recovery engine. These new engines will hopefully give all the teams a level playing field at the start of the season. Sadly the ‘big money’ teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes, have been working on their plans in their own wind tunnels for many months. They will have a head start on their smaller rivals. The main change that millions of fans will spot in the F1 pitlane, is the ugly ‘anteater’ nosecones on a number of the cars. For many years the design departments created design masterpieces, but the 2014 designs are much more about aerodynamics then looking pleasing to the eye. The aerodynamic designers along the pit lane now have two jobs on their list. The first is creating downforce to help push the car’s tyres down onto the track surface. The other is to improve cornering speeds. The faster the driver can be around a corner, then the faster a lap time will be. The 2014 season starts in Melbourne, Australia on 16th March. Hopefully the action and overtaking will mask the ugly-ness of the new cars. During the year, I will update my blog with news and highlights as the season progresses.