The football world cup is only a days away, and a poll has been produced about the worries business owners have while it is taking place. 1 in 4 senior managers and directors are concerned about the drop in productivity during the tournament. The competition is taking place in Brazil this year, and due to the time difference, many of the games will be shown on TV late at night in the UK. Some fans may be tempted to celebrate (hopefully!) long into the night and have to ring into work the next day. Another headache for business owners and managers is the recent news that the licensing laws for England games will be relaxed to allow pubs to stay open later than usual. Half of bosses expect to receive extra requests for annual leave while still trying to accommodate staff who wish to take their kids away in the school holidays. The results also found that 57% would be willing to accommodate flexible working hours or shift changes to allow staff to watch games. Another option could be letting staff work from home one day a week. While these are the negatives, I should also mention the positives. Just imagine if England went a long way into the tournament? The whole event can be used to award small perks in the workplace. Having a staff sweepstake on the winner or top goal scorer adds some fun to the event. These can greatly increase morale and job satisfaction. Completing projects early could mean staff leaving early on match day, or arriving late the next day. Another idea could be introducing a TV or Radio to the canteen or reception area as a way to create a better working environment.