Various sports based at a local village playing field are being demonstrated 
in an 'open day' to attract new visitors and players. All these sports are run by 
volunteers who give up their time for free. The Playing field was left to the people of 
Cliffe village many years ago and it is now home to the cup winning football team and 
successful tennis club. It also has an children's playing area that they are looking to 
expand and improve. Also, new sports could be based at the field if they don't clash with 
current timetables. During the afternoon, Refreshments and 'take part' activities will 
take place for all ages, children and adults. 

The committee has worked very hard trying to bring in funding to improve and expand the 
facilities it has. But this all takes time and exploring every possible route. Plans are 
being drawn up to replace the current pavilion, which is now too small to cope with the 
various rules and regulations put in place for modern sport. They would love Peter Crouch 
to turn up in his helicopter like the advert, but it isn't as easy as that. Lots of 
paperwork has been studied to make a bid for 'Sport England' funding in 2015.  

Having helped myself in the past, the committee would love to hear from any more businesses 
who could help financially or provide people to help with future plans. Someone reading this 
will know who to speak to start the ball rolling, so either contact the committee via myself 
or come down on Sunday and introduce yourself at the event.