Earlier this week local businesses and support groups held their 2nd Selby Enterprise Day. The event took place on Monday at the Selby District council offices. It was attended by many people and around 30 different businesses, Support groups and networking associations who gave tips to new and old business owners. Heidi Green, from Business Support York and North Yorkshire set up the annual event and was delighted by the attendance and the amount of eagerness between owners to help each other. People at both ends of the business scale attended, Some people have been trading for decades, while we also had brand new start up ideas looking for guidance. If you are thinking of starting up a brand new business of any size, or expanding your current business, help and support is available if you look for it. Everybody involved in the Enterprise day started from new at some point. The hashtag #EnterpriseDay was used via twitter to give updates. The social media hashtag was being used to guide people to the correct location, who then could help. Three workshops took place involving local business coaches giving talks on Social Media, ‘Not giving away too much Profit’ and ‘Networking Groups’.

As mentioned before in this column, Heidi also arranges monthly ‘Enterprise Cafe’ events each month, these are on a smaller scale to the main yearly event, but still welcomes 40 to 50 people each time. They are now held in Community House on Portholme Road. In the wonderful world of business, It is not very often that you have the words ‘free’ and ‘help’ in the same sentence, so this is very valuable.

Small businesses are showing off their products and skills on Monday 29th June for the latest ‘Selby Enterprise Day’. The annual event is taking place at the Selby District council offices on Doncaster Road. It is on for most of the day between 10.00am and 3.00pm and is a free event to attend. Anyone can visit and many different topics, help and guidance will be available. There will be around 30 different businesses, support groups and associations available to chat with and network. Heidi Green from Business Support York and North Yorkshire has arranged the event as part of her enterprise cafe events. You may have just started or wish to increase your production. The great thing about this event is that you can come along for the whole day or just for a quick half hour to look around. In the wonderful world of business, It is not very often that you hear the words ‘free’ and ‘help’ in the same sentence, so this could be the time for you to visit. Increasing your scale or gaining research or feedback from your customers is vital if you want to be successful. All big businesses started out in life as a small business. We will have our own stand so please feel free to come over and say hello. If you are unable to attend, the enterprise cafe events take place every month and cater for all topics in business.

The Selby Times readers will hopefully be busy planning their Christmas shopping lists. My kids have already circled various Doc McStuffins toys and Xbox computer systems. It will depend on the size of mince pie left out on Christmas eve, on weather Santa brings them. The logistics of getting that exact present delivered to the correct household, then to be wrapped up and sent back out again are huge. For new visitors to the town, Selby now has some new big ‘welcome’ signs. The new sculptures have been added to our two main roundabouts. Maybe a huge sign could be added to them advertising what is on offer in our town. Love them or think the money should have been spent elsewhere, (Finkle Street lights??) they are at least something positive. It is also a new talking point for people travelling along the bypass instead of swerving around the potholes. In other news, the new crossing on Scott Road should make life easier and safer for people walking into town. As footfall increases with shoppers looking in all the festive shop windows, the town has so many offers and bargains to be had. Selby has a superb number of ideal present shops – you just have to look for them. Ring them up and ask about their products and services. We have many of the national retailers, but why not check out small businesses such as Heaven and Home, Mollies Cheese Shop, Ruby Shoes, Fotos R Us and ourselves. We all have great gift ideas or vouchers available and go that extra mile to create the perfect shopping experience for you.
  Trophy Blog #71 ~ Unfortunately my attempt to secure a couple of Alan Carr tickets ended in failure last Thursday morning. He is coming to do a gig at Selby Town Hall in February before his main UK tour. Sadly due to being self employed, and customers due in to collect orders, I couldn’t wait outside the town hall in person. For reasons unknown, my x37 phone calls went unanswered and the website crashed as soon as I clicked on it. Flipping around the situation, It is a huge positive for Selby and the team that run the town hall that they can attract somebody of his calibre. Hopefully this will be the start of attracting similar acts. It was a big talking point on the day and gave the town centre a buzz. Hopefully on the day itself, those lucky people in attendance will be able to give everyone some positive news about the show and the venue itself. A few weeks ago the Selby Times and Post featured five pages of future town hall gigs and attractions. All sorts of performances are due to be held this year so this is the place to be seen. We have ourselves in the past supplied the winning trophy to the Battle of the Band winners, so keep a look out for this happening again later in the year. Alan Carr, famous for his ‘Chatty man’ show on prime time TV has over 3 million followers on his twitter account, so keep an eye out for a few tweets that mention Selby to his millions of fans.