Selby’s new Leisure Centre was opened by Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington on the 21st March. £7 million has been spent re building the site and future work on a separate building could still go ahead in the future, We are delighted to have been commissioned to create the actual commemorative plaque. I’ve recently been emailing the District Council executives and Sport England to design the layout and wording involved. At the time of writing this column, it is being manufactured to their specifications. Look out for it later this month when it hopefully features in the Selby Times opening event photos. Rebecca has won two Olympic gold medals and gave lessons to members of Selby Tiger Sharks on the day. Having worked with the Tiger Sharks for the last three years, it will be great news for them to be relocated back in Selby itself. Having to fund hire costs and travelling to various other pools has slowed down their funding. The reopening of the leisure centre will create new jobs, and secure the jobs currently held at the Profiles gym. This is much needed good news for the area after the recent sad Westmill Foods and Yorkshire Fresh Fruit redundancies. Last weeks Selby Times front page also gave us job opportunities in the future with a possible three new business being created. Personally speaking, the access road needs to enter / exit onto the roundabout its self as the area is congested at times. We will wait to see the outcome of the planning process.