Trophy Blog #96 ~
In 2013 I attended a breakfast meeting about the roll out of Super Fast Broadband being 
installed across the country. Our MP Nigel Adams gave us some information on how it can
improve internet coverage and how business can improve from it. You may have noticed the 
Green cabinets being installed in a street near you. These are the Broadband hubs doing 
all the work. North Yorkshire has been one of the most successful, but also challenging 
areas to cover. The governments plan is to have 100% of all residential and business 
premises in North Yorkshire to have broadband by 2017. This includes all the farms and 
villages across the Moors. Already 110,000 premises now have improved access of 25mps or 
more. The focus now is to increase effects on the 10% of really rural areas that are miles 
away from our main city of York and towns such as Bridlington and Malton. A separate 
innovation fund involving millions of pounds has been set up to focus on the exceptional 
engineering and logistics needed to supply a farm or village off the beaten track.

The village of Burn near Selby, had a reasonable service a few years ago, but when the kids 
came home from school and logged onto facebook and online computer games those levels 
dropped. Now the new cabinet is in the village, it has given everyone the same level of 
service. This level stays the same all the time, rather then dipping in and out. 

Another part of the broadband roll out has been helping businesses in the area.
I've been on two of these master classes myself and gained all sorts of advice and 
guidance which I have used in my everyday business.