Last week the nations retailers promoted ‘Black Friday’ which was quickly followed up by ‘Cyber Monday’ earlier this week. Both names coming from America, it is the start of the stress and panic Christmas present buying period. The idea involves retailers across the UK slashing their prices in the hope to attract shoppers into their stores. The news reports showed hundreds of shoppers fighting and climbing over each other in the thought of saving some money. Some just picked up the nearest box without even stopping to think what was in it. The big supermarkets opened their doors at midnight, with hundreds of people waiting outside. Once the doors opened, it was a huge charge to the nearest pile of reduced products.

Cyber Monday followed after the weekend. This promotion had millions logging onto the internet to find the best bargains, sadly hundreds of websites crashed under the pressure, so not all the promotions could be accessed. Many people thought that the Boxing Day sales had come early, which in a way it had as prices will remain the same until January. The ‘Black Friday’ sales began as an American tradition in which shoppers would race to snap up bargains on the first Friday after their Thanksgiving holiday. The name was coined by Philadelphia police in the Sixties after hordes of rampant shoppers caused havoc and started fighting. This weekend social media was awash with videos of pushing and shoving, with a few stores being closed by the police to control public safety. It was also the last ‘PayDay’ for most workers before Christmas.