Small businesses are showing off their products and skills on Monday 29th June for the latest ‘Selby Enterprise Day’. The annual event is taking place at the Selby District council offices on Doncaster Road. It is on for most of the day between 10.00am and 3.00pm and is a free event to attend. Anyone can visit and many different topics, help and guidance will be available. There will be around 30 different businesses, support groups and associations available to chat with and network. Heidi Green from Business Support York and North Yorkshire has arranged the event as part of her enterprise cafe events. You may have just started or wish to increase your production. The great thing about this event is that you can come along for the whole day or just for a quick half hour to look around. In the wonderful world of business, It is not very often that you hear the words ‘free’ and ‘help’ in the same sentence, so this could be the time for you to visit. Increasing your scale or gaining research or feedback from your customers is vital if you want to be successful. All big businesses started out in life as a small business. We will have our own stand so please feel free to come over and say hello. If you are unable to attend, the enterprise cafe events take place every month and cater for all topics in business.

  Trophy Blog #72 ~ The future of our local power stations have been in the news recently. The three power stations close by are some of our areas biggest employers. I’m sure nearly every reader of this column will have a friend or relative connected somehow to the local power industry. Selby was once a big mining town with thousands of jobs. New villages we’re created or extended when the new coalfield was created over 30 year ago. The Selby to York east coast main line was diverted away from the town because of it. Drax, Eggborough and Ferrybridge power stations all had the 24/7 merry-go-round trains bringing in millions of tons of coal from the local area. My family moved up to Yorkshire from Kent when I was 11 years old when North Selby mine opened, We settled in Brayton and will personally never move back to Kent. Sadly the mines have now all gone. The positive news is that Drax has had millions and millions of pounds invested in it recently to change over to burning Bio Mass. Hopefully Eggborough power station will have the same investment from the government, private or overseas investors. Sadly, it seams that if the vital investment doesn’t arrive, then the site will close. This can not happen as so many jobs and families are involved. So many local businesses are connected to the ‘food chain’ in some way or another. I know the local ‘powers that be’ are working behind the scenes to secure its future. It’s survival is so important for the town and local area and I hope we hear some positive news about it’s future very soon.