“Met LRB Trophies through various networking on Twitter and decided to commission him to do some trophies for competitions the business runs and can say without doubt it was the best decision I’ve made. Easy to deal with, quick service and a wide variety of items for whatever occasion”.

Dylan Moore – Aqua Design Group, Stockport.

In 2013 I won a business award from multi millionaire and high 
street retailer Theo Paphitis, via his Twitter account. His 'Small Business 
Sunday' competition, shortened to the twitter hash tag, #SBS, is viewed by 
his 460000+ followers all around the world. As part of the ongoing prize package, 
I have had many tips and business progression advice provided by Theo and his 
successful high street retail teams. Recently I have been working with his website 
team to improve our own website and internet search ability. 

Our social media accounts have also been used in a new way to attract new 
customers. We are now on the magical page one of the 'engraved trophies' search 
term and I am still working on a few new projects. Another part of the prize 
will be pitching to one of his retail companies in a few weeks time. I have 
been invited to the ICC center in Birmingham to meet his buying team. If they 
think my products are suitable on the day, I get a 'call back' to a longer and 
more 'dragons den' style of pitching at a later date. So Fingers crossed! 
- I have already done this with one of his other companies, - this is still 
in the pipeline, - so it will be slightly less stressful for me as I know what 
to expect from standing in front of his buying team. 

Back in July 2013, our twitter account had hundreds of 'congratulation' tweets 
and comments. Since then I have worked hard in all sorts of 'behind the scenes' 
areas. It is all aimed at progression and improvements. Numerous customers have 
spoken about it while placing orders, I also have an profile on his own website.
  Theo Paphitis SBS award winner, Wear Eponymous wanted to show off their SBS win with one of our SBS Trophies. This is her feedback. “Hi Steve, It’s brilliant – very speedy service! Cheers for your help :)” – Elaine Burns  
The success of the fun SBS competition keeps on growing. The #SBS Winner of the previous month will get to choose the photo for the next entry. The previous months winner will also get the chance to showcase a product and get some promotion during the competition. The only rule is that the photo has to be Theo Paphitis / #SBS themed and no rude words. Here are some of the captions for the above photo from competition #3 Prize Donated by Antonia Azoitei : “Hi! The prize is a set of 6 gift tickets to Classical Babies concerts, any venue (we’re in London and Surrey) any of our concert dates. They come with envelopes so you can post them to a friend as a baby-shower/birthday mother’s day gift etc. Worth £60. Please see www.classicalbabies.com ” Lrb Trophies Leisure: “That’s it!! If that F**king Wheeler bloke mentions www.metalfrog.co.uk one more time, I’m off!!!’ ~ Jason Beer: Look here Kypros, Ryman will pay for the #SBS event if you want to keep your job! ~ Linda Eastwood: “You’re fired” …. “Oops wrong TV show” ~ Phil Tompson: This is the best ET impression I do ok! If you don’t like it YOU can go home! ~ Amanda Hodges: You put your left arm in… ~ Stevan Taylor: If you don’t sit down & shut up I will feed you to hilary devey. ~ Matt Bellhouse: “……and then they said I had to be this tall to ride the Dodgems….Peter Jones had no problems in that department…but Deborah….well….” Jules Phair: “Oi you at the back, get me a nice cold bottle of bud , there’s a darling” ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure: (from lasts nights Dragons Den) – “Oi you, new boy, – you trying to undercut Peter and Debra on that Taxi App Deal? – your very brave, my son”. >>> Antonia Azoitei >>> “Hi! I chose a winner. It’s Pat Phillips with: “You put your left finger in, your left finger out in out in out shake it all about! Come on #SBS winners join in” I also really liked Phil Tompson with the Invisible Yo-yo and I’d like to give him a runner-up prize of 2 gift tickets.
Following the success and number of people taking part in the first Theo Paphitis #SBS Caption Competition, I am going to co-ordinate a monthly caption competition going forwards. The #SBS Winner of the previous month will get to choose the photo for the next entry. That winner can also donate a prize and will get some promotion to their product or industry during the competition. The only rule is that the photo has to be Theo Paphitis / #SBS themed. Here are some of the captions for the above photo from competition #2. Lrb Trophies Leisure “The winner will be able to select any one of our titanium rings on the following 2 pages. Most expensive is £49.95. And with a choice of over 40 designs, and finger sizes I to Z+6 I’m sure the winner will be spoilt for choice”. titan jewellery ~ UK’s largest selection of Tungsten Carbide, Zirconia Ceramic and Titanium Wedding Rings. UK ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure “and then they asked me this Question about Pants!!” ~ Cassie Lawrence Theo: “What do you mean this is only half the queue!?!” ~ Joanne Taylor Theo: “You want me to do WHAT with my children’s inheritance?!” ~ Jat Mann Theo: “WTF! What do you mean: ‘My name’s not down – you ain’t coming in’ – it’s my bloody do!” ~ Chris Ellinas Sorry not tonight lads we are full. try down the road. ~ Chris Wheeler “What’s that you say?….metalfrog.co.uk…and they’ve got a website?”…. ~ Antonia Azoitei “What?! What do you mean I don’t get a goody bag?” ~ Chris Wheeler Yes.. I didn’t know Kato could sing either! ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure …and then Kato went on to win F**king Xfactor!!! ~ John Cahill “Are you telling me the Irish guy drank all the Guinness” ~ Munters Shelton I want M&Ms just the green ones I only drink Brandy so change that optic o and if Mrs P rings IM OUT! >>> Jason Beer: Antonia Azoitei is the winner with: >>>”What?! What do you mean I don’t get a goody bag?”
As part of #SBS networking and building business relations, I started the Theo Paphitis #SBS caption competition just after the #SBS event in November 2013. #SBS winners on the Theo Paphitis #SBS facebook group are invited to write a funny caption underneath an Theo Paphitis / #SBS themed photograph. These are some of the captions the winner submitted: Chris Wheeler #SBS – Just Like That – In the style of Tommy Cooper! ~ Siân Foster Hey Deborah, it’s a dance off, Dragon-style! ~ Lrb Trophies Leisure Mine is: ‘The PANTS are how big?!” ~ Jason Beer How about (the birdy song tune) With a little bit of this and a little bit of that. ~ Jude Robinson “I definitely shouldn’t have eaten those beans for lunch” ~ Peter Kerr You should of seen me last Friday night dancing after a few cheeky drinks ~ Newton Newton Flags “.. and this is how you shall worship me..’ ~ Dave Bradburn “OK orchestra, from the top – the Dragons Den theme tune…” ~ Monica Cove I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the sky…I think about it every night and day….spread my #sbsangel wings and fly away…. ~ Sharon Marshall “This is how tall Kato is, and his how tall Kypro is…so I’m the biggest!” (hands on their heads!) >>> Chris Wheeler * * * * * …And the Winner is….. >>> Jason Beer: “My pitch is for 100k for 5% of the Magical invisible Wing Company”. Congratulations and some great entries – very hard to judge!
Trophy Blog #63 – In July 2013, LRB Trophies won a ‘retweet’ from Theo Paphitis via his twitter account. The Small Business Sunday competition, shortened to the hashtag, #SBS on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. Theo is famous as a former Dragon on the BBC Dragons Den programme. He is Chairman of highstreet retailers Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas, Boux Avenue and owns 50% of Red Letter Days alongside another Dragon, Peter Jones. He also has various investments via the Dragons Den series. He was once the chairman of Millwall FC. Each week Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him via @TheoPaphitis and describe their business in 140 letters including the all-important hashtag #SBS. The tweets to @TheoPaphitis #SBS are reviewed and each week by Theo and he chooses his favourite lucky six. He has over a three hundred thousand followers to showcase the winning tweet. LRB Trophies owner Steve Butler meat Theo in person in November 2013 (see other news stories). – The introduction video below was created by another #SBS winner and came about via networking with the other #SBS Winners.
I’ve finally met one of my business heroes! A few days ago I set my alarm for 4am and travelled down to Birmingham to meet multi millionaire Theo Paphitis. As mentioned in earlier Selby Times & Post columns I won the Small Business Sunday (SBS) prize earlier in the summer and have been looking forward to the trip ever since. Theo had various senior executives from his retail stores on hand to meet and greet us as we arrived and put any nervousness we had at ease. He owns the high street retail stores Rymans, Boux Avenue, Robert Dyas and 50% of Red Letter Days. Some of these had gone into administration when he purchased them, so it was great listening to how they had gone from nothing to high street favourites in just a few years. I introduced myself to the various other winners and we discussed our own businesses and how trade has been slowly improving from the recession. Theo arrived in the room and did a great Question and answer session. We was allowed to ask anything, and many discussions took place about his business and personal background. He showed us the new and improved SBS website and how we are allowed to edit our own profiles and site pages. After lunch we took it in turns to have our photo taken with him. When I won back in July, I sent him a trophy like the one in the photo as a thank you. The first thing he said to me was ‘I’ve got one of those in my office!’ I was quite chuffed he remembered and I asked him to post a photo of it on his twitter page for his 400,000 followers to see. In future columns, I will let you know about the other parts of the prize once the terms and conditions have been agreed.
  Earlier on this summer, I won a ‘re tweet’ from multi millionaire and former Dragons Den panellist Theo Paphitis via his Twitter account. His ‘Small Business Sunday’ competition, shortened to the twitter hash tag, #SBS, is viewed by his 400,000 followers all around the world. Theo is a business hero of mine, so today will be very exciting for me. I will travel down to the ICC centre in Birmingham to meet him in person as part of my competition prize. – I get to have a photo of us together, so I will publish this in a future column. I am currently supporting the Movember charity campaign this month by growing a moustache. Sadly my itchy and unruly tache will also feature in the photo with him! – During the day I will get to meet fellow #SBS winners from around the UK. They come from all sorts of business backgrounds, some work from home part time, while others are multi millionaires themselves. It will be great to network with them and share ideas that I can bring home to Selby and put into place with my own business practices. Theo’s successful high street company Ryman Stationary, will be providing senior executives at the event to give advice and guidance with any business questions we have. – Back in July, our twitter account had hundreds of ‘congratulation’ tweets, so it will be great to meet some of these people. I have also been allowed to create an profile on his website, and we will be given advice on how to use this to create future business contracts. For anyone wishing to donate to my Movemeber fund-raising, please see the details on our facebook page.
  Blog #28 ~ Very exciting news confirmed this morning! Following on from our Theo Paphitis win news, (see below) we received the location information today. Our trip will be in late November so I have just been online and booked my hotel in central Birmingham. Please view our biography on his site. ——    http://www.theopaphitissbs.com/profile/LylaR0se/ —— These are the ‘Press Releases’ I wrote at the time of winning, (Printed in three newspapers In July 2013). I’ve had some exciting news recently, following our Selby Times backed Local Business Accelerator award last year, I won a ‘re tweet’ from multi millionaire and Dragons Den panelist Theo Paphitis via his Twitter account. The ‘Small Business Sunday’ competition, shortened to the twitter hash tag, #SBS, runs each week and was created in October 2010. Each week businesses advertise themselves in just 140 characters via a single tweet. He has over three hundred thousand followers who will see our company details. The idea is to provide a boost to the winners and highlight to all his followers what we can do. I have tried various ways to catch his attention and I was amazed when the email arrived. At first I thought it was a wind up and had to read it a few times before it sunk in. The best part of the news is that I will get to meet him in person later on in the year. When I do, this column will be the first to get the news and hopefully a photo together! – Our twitter account had hundreds of ‘congratulation’ tweets from all around the world and it took a while to reply to them all. I have also been allowed to create an profile on his website. It just shows how much persistence shows off. This comes a week after a brief twitter conversation with another famous dragon, Duncan Bannatyne, about restaurant recommendations in the Lake District during my visit.