LRB Trophies now has a ‘Recycling / Restoration’ service to save old and treasured awards going to the scrap heap. We can remove old engraving and repair your broken trophy cup so it can be reused for something else. We can re plate the silver, remove old engraving, clean your trophy back to looking like new.

We have recently had a number of Trophies that needed old engraving removed, cleaning up, polished and then new engraving added. These are now in a new stage of their lives, even though they are decades old. We have a number of Vintage items for sale via our eBay store. – see the link on our main home page.

We have the services of a professional Silversmith who can fix broken handles, remove dents and re plate worn or damaged silverware. For a small fee to cover our costs, we can arrange an quote before any work is carried out. We also have components that can be used to replace sections if need be. We send our items all over the world. Simply send you’re item to us, we arrange the quote and if you are happy with the cost, we will arrange the work and send it back to you via secured courier. Please contact Steve in our sales office for details.

Blog #43 – We currently have two very important, old and valuable football trophies (No cup names, so the teams don’t get told off!) in with our Silversmith repair department. Both received some damage during the celebrations after these teams had won the matches. Our silversmith can repair the damage and make it look as good as the day it was handed to them. This got me thinking, The celebration is the major part of winning the trophy. All the hard work and pain finally being put aside as you and your team have won it. Once the celebrations are over the Trophy goes up on a shelf or in a display cabinet in pride of place for all to see. (unless you need it fixing by us!) – While I was researching my ‘Trophy Facts’ (see news section) I spotted that in one of the Ice Hockey leagues, each player, member of coaching staff and backroom staff get to have the trophy for 24 hours. I wonder what exciting trips this trophy has been on! One day I will Google it and share the photos with you! – A few years ago, the ‘powers that be’ said junior teams up to a certain age couldn’t play for trophies. It was the ‘taking part that counts’ – very strange at the time, but aimed at the lesser sporty team members who never won anything. This rule seams to be ignored by the teams as earlier this year, during our peak presentation months, coaches and manager still wanted to award their team members. We still engraved the normal ‘big three’ such as Managers Player, Players Player and Top Goal Scorer, but we also found that new awards needed engraving such as: ‘Best Trainer’, ‘Best Attitude’ and ‘Best Team Player’.