Trophy Blog #93 ~ We have lots of activity and noise coming from Selby town center at the moment, and this can only be a good thing for Selby’s shoppers and visitors. From my office desk I can hear all sorts of machines creating new and improved selling space. Lots of work has taken place at the new leisure center site on Scott Road with the main carcass of the building now in place. The YMCA charity shop has had a nice new sign put up and Selby Hands of Hope will be taking over the Kelly Designs building on Brook Street. We have worked with Selby’ Hands of Hope’s Wendy and Richard on a number of projects in the past and we wish them all the best with the continued work they do for the people of Selby and the surrounding area. The old Jack Fultons freezer store on Market Cross has been completely stripped back lots of different tradesmen are inside creating the new and bigger store. The poster outside says that it will Savers taking over the unit. I presume the current Savers store near Wilkinsons, will be transferring over to the new location once the work is completed. Once Savers has relocated, this opens up three empty shops next to Peacocks on Abbey Walk. These units could be knocked into one larger unit, with a number of retailers being linked to the larger space. A lot of discussions have taken place online recently as to who the local shoppers would like to come and trade in Selby. Famous high street retailers such as Marks and Spenser and Poundland have been getting the most mentions. If I hear of any news, I’ll mention it in future columns.

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