York Trophy Blog #102 ~ Selby’s night life has been given four new options in the last week or two. These new venues have created numerous jobs, investment and opportunities. It is also another way to relax with friends and family saving the hassle of travelling to our near by towns and cities. Any reason to ‘stay local’ is a good thing for our local economy. Over £200,000 has been spent on the old Market Tavern site by A&J Inns. Based in Bradford, the company has invested a large amount of cash to create the Square Bar over three levels. They know what works having run the huge Big Fella’s nightclub in Pontefract for 15 years. It is great to see money being invested into an empty building that was sat doing nothing. On the other side of town, The Treehouse has opened opposite Superdrug on Gowthorpe. The new manager has been in the trade for many years and I’m sure we all wish him well in his new venture. My office is over the road from this site and I have listened to the various drills and saws from the tradesmen as they completely revamped the interior. I’ve alos overheard positive news about the cocktails on the menu from people stood outside. Also recently opened are two new restaurants, again taking over empty retails spaces. Olives and Grills has given Selby folk a new option when deciding about going out. Its Turkish and Mediterranean options have been given good reviews on social media sites. Delilah’s has also opened opposite the Library, again a lot of money and energy has been involved transforming the old offices into a modem bar and restaurant.  

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