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The people of Scotland will be voting today (18th) in the Scottish Referendum and the outcome of this could affect us all in some way. If the ‘Yes’ voters win it will break up the union created hundreds of years ago in 1707. Scotland on it’s own, currently has an £150 billion pound economy, with over 5 million people living in it. It has a huge oil industry, and also protects us with the main Navy nuclear submarine base. At the time of writing this column, the whole UK is the world’s sixth-largest economy and the second-largest in Europe behind Germany. Our current trillion pound finances give us all low interest rates, a decent economy compared to bankrupt country’s like Greece and Security via the UN and NATO memberships. If we loose a big percentage of the country’s balance sheets, what will have to change? The main ‘Ace Card’ Scotland has is the oil industry. The UK’s various oil platforms are situated off the coast of Aberdeen, but stretches all the way down the North Sea. Depending if the Yes voters win, a new boundary line will be drawn, and who will keep what bits? Closer to our part of the world, Nearby Humberside airport ferries thousands of workers to the various platforms by Helicopter. Businesses will have many questions to ask, will it cost more to post something to Scotland if they are independent? Will it cost more for Scottish produced products and food to be sold in the UK? We will await the outcome and see what happens.


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