LRB Trophies helps Bulgarian orphanage Appeal

Earlier in the year, LRB Trophies helped by transporting 40+ bikes to meet a Bulgarian bound Lorry. – So if your Stuck for a present this year or Want to do something special this Christmas, Why not send a donation to help an Orphanage in Bulgaria, even if it is a fiver… Go on, feel good this Christmas. Bernadette Leggett can be found via google and facebook.

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We are pleased to announce the merger of LRB Trophies with Cameo Engraving in York and The Trophy & Print Shop in Norton.


  1. pat law

    What you have done to help Bernie and Dougie is a very generous thing…. thank you so much. Ive seen the work they have done and they are two of the most generous, hard working people that Ive ever met.
    The work they have done not only in the Sillistra Orphanage, but with the elderly, the disabled and the baby units, they help everyone they find that needs help.
    So if anyone is thinking about giving a donation, even if its only £1 every little helps….

  2. Steve Butler

    Thank you for the kind words Pat, Yes they do a magical job with the Orphanage. I’m a member of their Facebook page so keep up to date with the latest news. I’ll be delighted to help again if I can.

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